Review: Jane Wallace-Knight – The Happily Ever After Mating Agency: Lion’s Den

Lions denAuthor: Jane Wallace-Knight
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN: 9781632587701

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

After losing his mate, lion shifter Jake Jensen has no intention of taking another. With three children, his pride, and a business to run, his life is full enough. After constant badgering from his mother he agrees to meet with a mating agency looking for someone unlike his late mate so that he won’t fall in love and risk another broken heart.

At nineteen, fox shifter Jordan Ashby’s life took a drastic turn when his parents died. Years later Jordan is working dead end jobs, having his sister and niece to care for. Signing up to the mating agency isn’t ideal but his family deserves a better life than the one they have.

Taking a chance, Jordan agrees to mate with a total stranger, believing that in time the two of them could fall in love. There’s only one problem, Jake is convinced that their mating can only ever be one purely of convenience.

Review: While I was sort of afraid of what I’d think of this story – involving basically an arranged marriage/mating through an agency – I was happily surprised that I found it sweet and likeable. Jordan is 19 and his life changed dramatically when his parents die and he is now responsible for his younger sister and her daughter. Jordan is a loyal, amazing brother and uncle. He signs up with the agency in the hope of a better life for all of them.
The agency matches Jordan up with Jake, a wealthy widower with three young children who was desperately in love with his deceased wife and who never wants to go through the pain of loss again. When he is basically forced by family to use the agency he fills out the forms for someone as unlike his wife as possible, knowing he then has no chance of falling in love.
I found Jordan’s character so admirable. Taking on the responsiblity of a younger sister and a niece at such a young age would overwhelm someone much older, let alone trying to make a successful mating with a complete stranger with three children in order to create a blended family.
The developing relationship between Jake and Jordan was rather glossed over and a little too understated for me to love it. I did however find the family interaction to be cute, especially the children’s involvement as Jake fumbles through dinner preparation.
I have not read the first in this series but this book is completely standalone. Would I wish for a bit more depth? Sure. But it’s a fluffy little shifter book that made me smile, so I’m very satisfied.

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