Review: Jane Wallace-Knight – The Happily Ever After Mating Agency Presents Snovarg Island

snovargAuthor: Jane Wallace-Knight
Reviewer: Kevin
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: M/M/M Menage
ISBN: 9781627418515

Rating: ★★★¾☆ 

Being sent to a mating agency by his parents is humiliating enough for bunny shifter Tyler Thompson. The fact that he has the rare ability to carry offspring just makes him all the more apprehensive. Growing up in a warren where everyone was told how to live and how to behave, Tyler dreamt of escaping. Realizing just how in demand someone like him is, and that the choice of mate is solely his, Tyler decides to go as far away as he can. A remote island in the Baltic Ocean sounds like a good choice, and the love story between the two wolves there touches Tyler’s heart.

Together since they were sixteen, alpha Eric Snövarg and lover Finn Michaels know that the only way they can be mated, and stay with their pack, is by bringing in a third capable of giving Eric heirs. Though uncertain of their decision, bringing the bunny into their family seems like the only way.
Tyler is a non-conventional bunny shifter that just does not want to settle down in the warren with just any bunny. He wants true love and the feeling of belonging to his mate or perhaps I should say his mates. After unfortunate incident at a wedding reception with a prospect suitor and carrot cake, he forced to a mating agency by his irate parent.
Unfortunate tragedy has resulted in the death of Eric’s father and older brother, leaving him not only the new Alpha to his pack, but also guardian to his two nieces and little sister. This complicates his need to sire an heir with Tyler, a rare bunny shifter, and maintaining his existing relationship with Finn.
The author does a good job weaving a well rounded story of three unlikely characters meeting and falling in love, all in the midst of dealing with prejudice, treachery and murder.
I felt this was interest concept with a multi generational extended family all living on one roof. The murder mystery resolution is glossy and I easily predicted the outcome. This is a light easy read with a satisfactory romantic twist.
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