Review: JD Walker – Can’t Buy His Love

cant buyAuthor: JD Walker
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Amber Allure
Genre: MM Contemporary

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Summary:Wheeler Ridley is used to having men fall into his lap at a snap of his fingers. He’s gorgeous, well-to-do, and absolutely clueless about commitment and what it takes to have a serious relationship. Which makes the fact that he wants that exact thing with his relationship-phobic crush, Gregory Wang, almost unheard of. And yet…
Gregory runs the daycare center across the street from Wheeler’s gym and has a reputation in the tiny beach town for being the “ice queen.” Although he’s given Wheeler eyes from the first time they met, Gregory refuses any overtures and leaves frustration in his wake. Wheeler concludes that Gregory has a secret pain and can’t move beyond it.
Things change for the better, however, when Wheeler performs a deem that suddenly makes him a small-town hero, and as far as he is concerned, it’s worth the pain he suffered if it means Gregory will finally give him the time of day. Slowly, the man opens up to Wheeler until one day he shares the truth about the summer when his life changed forever.
Together, the men work to forge a new beginning—one learning how to think with his heart instead of another body part, and the other determining how to let go of the painful past to allow love into his life.
Review: Wheeler is a rich gym owner who is a playboy. He’s a playboy who wants the owner of the day care across the street, Gregory. Gregory is known as the “ice queen” because he doesn’t do relationships, hook ups or any other type of interaction. This just makes Wheeler want him all the more. It takes a brave action on Wheeler’s part regarding one of Gregory’s daycare charges to get the man’s attention and that’s Wheeler’s in.
Gregory has a bad experience in his past and this is what makes his demeanor the way it is. While they do get past this, I felt that it was a bit too quick, considering the circumstances. Wheeler is able to show that he is more than just his reputation and can be boyfriend material and Gregory is able to get past his ice queen persona.
This is a short story, 71 pages on my iPad, and as such it’s not able to go in depth on things but it was a pretty easy read despite the serious subject matter.


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