Review: JD Walker – Crumbs Together

Author: JD Walker
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: JMS Books
Genre: MM Contemporary

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Summary: Serge Zumpano is obsessed with René Glass, owner of Crumbs Together, the local bakery and patisserie. Not only is the man gorgeous, but his pastries are so good, they make Serge weak in the knees. Put both together, and he’s a gonner. Serge knows he has it bad when just tasting a cinnamon roll has him sporting, er … well. But, as addicted as he is to the man’s decadent creations, Serge doesn’t see himself as good enough for someone like René, famous the world over and completely out of his league.
René won’t let that stop him, however, because he has his eye on Serge, too. Step one: get Serge to build him a second shop. Step two: get the man to come over to his house. Step three: seduce him with pastry. Naturally, it’s not that simple. But Serge is René’s obsession, and he won’t let him get away.

Review: This one started out really solid for me and I loved the first half. The whole idea of the tough carpenter swooning over bakery (and baker) had me. I thought Serge’s whole “he’s too good for me” would resolve with help from Rene. “Because I always feel I’m playing catch up. To everyone.” I felt for him and I wanted him to realize he is just as good as everyone else.
Serge is renovating the building that will house famous baker Rene’s next bakery and he has a huge crush on both Rene and his pastries. But he spends so much time bemoaning the fact that he’s not enough for Rene that after a while I started to think maybe he wasn’t in the right place to be with Rene.
For his part, Rene tries really hard and goes overboard to get Serge. There were a couple thing I thought odd, such as the fact that even after the two start sleeping together Rene is still charging Serge for his baked goods fix. There is an edit error that I actually found funny , “I’d crawl on my knees through the dessert to get one of your pastries.”
This is a cute story, short and sweet with likeable characters, if a little too self-depreciating.



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