Review: Jesse Pinkham – Strange Fortune

51tEVdC2gTLAuthor: Jesse Pinkham
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: JMS Books
Genre: Paranormal

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 


Jake Nelson isn’t worried when he’s kidnapped for ransom. He’s a strong alpha and former military, so he’s able to rescue himself and his fellow prisoner, omega David Beecham. There’s only one problem: during their captivity, David bonded with him. Now Jake has to decide if he’s ready to make a lifelong commitment to a man he just met.

David was holding out for a progressive alpha, not that it matters anymore. Bonding with Jake means he’ll never respond to any other alpha. He isn’t sure which is worse — being rejected by Jake, or discovering Jake is willing to claim him but wants a completely subservient omega.

It isn’t what either planned for and has the potential to be a disaster. And yet, could it be their kidnapper did them a favor by bringing them together?


Short, sweet story of an omega who’s kidnapped to force him to bond with his kidnapper so the man can then have sex with him and claim him as his own. But the omega, David, managed to hold out for over a week. When Jake Nelson, an alpha and former special forces soldier, is kidnapped by the same man, ostensibly to provide the man with funds to escape the area, he manages to escape, and spotting David in the cell next door, he frees him as well. During the short time they are in that cell together—apparently only a few minutes—David bonds with Jake.

Later, when the cops show up and Jake hands over the kidnapper, who turns out to be a “wuss,” both men are taken to the hospital, and Jake is informed of David’s bond with him. Over the next few days, a social worker facilitates their commitment to stay together and both families are fully supportive, emotionally and financially.

The story is sweet and I liked both MCs in their own way, but the very brevity of the story did not lend itself to sufficient world-building, nor were the scenarios believable. A strong omega who holds out nearly two weeks should not capitulate to a different alpha nearly immediately. But that’s just one of many difficult-to-believe situations and scenarios. And it’s too bad, because both characters were charming, and I really loved David’s discovery of life outside of his sheltered home. And of course, his discovery of sex with his alpha. But overall, the brevity, unrealistic scenarios, and outright unrealistic kidnapping resolution kept this from being a higher rating. I would not recommend this one.


JMS Books 

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