Review: K.A. Merikan – His Favorite Color Is Blood: Coffin Nails MC

Author: K.A. Merikan
Reviewer: Wendy
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: m/m thriller

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

— When life gives you blood, make mayhem. —

Grim. Assassin. Leather-clad sex god. Has the most unusual taste in men.
Misha. Mutilated. Afraid. Will never trust again.

Grim is a bloodthirsty killer, and he owns it. Gay in a world of outlaw bikers, he firmly stands his ground if anyone dares to cross him. He takes pleasure in showing homophobes their place and fucking his way through a life of carnage.

But there is a part of him always aching for something he cannot get. When by chance he saves the most perfect guy he’s ever met, he is not about to let him go. Even if it means he needs to smother his broken bird.

When a masked, bloodstained man rescues Misha from captivity, he doesn’t know if he should thank the menacing stranger or stab him and run. Grim is not the kind of man who takes no for an answer, and Misha might now be in more danger than when he was trapped as a sex slave.

Misha cannot deny though that Grim is as alluring as he is frightening, and once Misha realizes what power his body holds over Grim, he understands that taming the beast of a man could be within his reach.

But any possibility of a future together is like a house of cards when Zero, the sadistic crime lord who destroyed Misha’s life, sets out to get him back.

Will the ruthless biker assassin at Misha’s side be enough to conquer the monsters from his past?
Holy smokes – definitely not for the faint of heart! I like gritty, dark, and different, so the blurb sucked me in immediately and the content certainly fit each of those categories. Even so, I must say that I haven’t read anything quite like this one before.

I like reading my fair share of kink/fetish, but haven’t bumped up against anything remotely close to the one showcased in this book before. It honestly pushed my limits a bit and made me uncomfortable. I was sitting squarely in the Misha camp thinking Grim was a bit freakish and only interested in Misha because of his unique body. And how was it possible that I was more squeamish about a relatively harmless fetish than about the fact that Grim was an assassin who relished his kills? Yikes, what does that say about me?

Somehow though, this author duo managed to take those things that initially seemed kinda creepy and make them… not. The questionable kind of devotion that Grim initially had for Misha morphed into a true devotion of the heart and soul. It took a while for the tide to turn, but it was a good slow burn. Misha needed time to heal, gain confidence, and learn to trust that Grim wasn’t just another captor with a pervy streak.

I loved all the unique aspects to this story including that feeling of always being on the edge of my seat because of danger lurking in the background. This is a new-to-me author duo and I definitely see some catch up on backlist stories in my future. This story will not be for everyone, but if you pay attention to the blurb with possible spoilers and can stomach everything listed, then I would definitely recommend this book!



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