Review: K-Lee Klein – Lost in Loveland (Welcome to Loveland #2)

lostAuthor: K-Lee Klein
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: K-Lee Klein Books
Genre: MM Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: Loveland, Colorado is a special place, a community of creativity and art, with scenic views and majestic mountains. The city brought Lucky and Jack together, but staying that way will take more than cold-air kisses and sweet valentines.~

Jack Canon should be over-the-top happy. He has a job that makes him proud, students who make him laugh, a studio that brings out his creativity, and a man who treats him like he walks on water. But shadows from his past keep coming between him and the joy that should fill his heart. Jack needs to reconcile some bitter loose ends, before he can move forward.

Lucky Roberts is in love—hook, line, and kitchen sink. He wants to shout his feelings to the rooftops and scatter little handmade valentines all over the world. He thinks he’s okay with not being perfect, and knows Jack isn’t perfect either. But when his own past rears its ugly head, Lucky discovers that old habits die hard. Maybe opening his heart to Jack won’t be enough— maybe he just isn’t enough.

Jack and Lucky risk getting caught in limbo between the past and present if they don’t have the strength to share the skeletons in their closets. To move forward together, they have to find the courage to look back…together.
Review: This is the second installment in the story of Jack, kindergarten teacher and artist, and his amazing boyfriend, Lucky, hockey player and all around sweetheart. First off, I have to say the statement, “Lucky Roberts in hockey mode was a whole different experience” is true. He’s aggressive, bold and Alpha on the ice. He’s endearingly awkward, sweet and a little bit shy off it. The contrast makes him so interesting. For his part, Jack is the more assertive one and has developed a kink when it comes to hockey Lucky. He finds himself turned on by the aggression of it, and “…he’d also found himself willing to worship at the feet of a hockey-sweaty Lucky at any given moment.” They are gloriously happy together.
Of course, life is never that easy. In this case, each of them has a bit of past history come up and try to drive a wedge between them. In Lucky’s case, it’s more of the ghost of who he used to be that makes him believe Jack won’t want him. Lucky, for all his big body and hockey bravado, is insecure and oh so fearful Jack is going to decide Lucky isn’t worth it. I wanted to just hug Lucky and let him know, it’s going to be okay. His ass from the past comes in the form of Colin, who isn’t worth anyone’s time, but brings back so many bad memories, and admittedly a bit of bad behavior, for Lucky. He wants so badly not to mess things up with Jack.
I did have to laugh when, after the messed up night, “Lucky wanted to die. He wanted to Die with a capital D and spelled out in flashing neon letters too. D-I-E in lime green and hot pink, shouted to the world as he expired from the worst hangover anyone on planet earth had ever brought upon himself.” Haven’t we all been there at least once? Poor Lucky. I hated that the shame kept hitting him too.
One thing Lucky is incredibly, well, lucky to have is his parents. My lord but I adored them. They are so for their son “We’ve been with this kid every step of the way and he’s not so good with secrets.” Everyone should have parents like he does. So they are there for him and for Jack Oh and let’s mention, Lucky giggles. Adorable.
Jack is more subtle and his blast from the past is family related. I couldn’t even see how his sisters could be related to him. When a family issue comes up, Jack wants to handle it himself and needs to head back home to California. Of course, he doesn’t tell Lucky, who has to find out in a roundabout way. Communicate, people! It doesn’t help the that resident bigmouth kindergartener, Daniel, is repeating things from his mama. Again, poor Lucky.
It was interesting to see the difference in Jack once he was home with his sisters. He was less the alpha and so much more fragile. “But that Jack seemed on the verge of crumbling, of shattering into a million pieces…” It is amazing what family can do to your mind.
It will take both of them together to make it through the problems they are facing. I have all faith that despite the fact they haven’t been together overly long these two are in it for the long haul. I so want them to be. And just a BTW, their first time is awesome and adorable. I like these two! Recommended.



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