Review: K-Lee Klein – Mistletoe Reunion in Loveland

reunionAuthor: K-Lee Klein
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Self published
Genre: MM holiday

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: Graham and Patrick raised a beautiful daughter together, then watched her take flight. But somehow in the aftermath, they lost their way. Now Patrick lives in Denver where he has his art studio, and Graham has been living his own solitary life in the home they built together.

If one didn’t count the constant ache of loss, the loneliness, and broken hearts, it was the perfect arrangement. But this year, Christmas holds the promise of a happy event that will bring Patrick and Graham a new kind of bliss…together.

Can the magic of Loveland, the joy of the holiday season, and a special delivery mend the hurting hearts of two men and set them on the path to renewed love?

Review: Graham and Patrick were together for years, raising an adopted daughter, Terri, and being a family. Until one day they weren’t. It’s been ten months since Graham asked Patrick to leave and now they are going to see each other for the first time as their beloved Terri is giving birth to their grandchild. It’s a mixture of longing and fear, tinged with avoidance. It’s just what you’d think you’d feel in this situation.

With Terri in labor, the two are forced together and have to face what has become of them. Patrick is an artist who opened a studio in Denver and then spent the time “…running back and forth to his Denver studio, dropping by like a guest in their home…” and that took its toll. Add in that Terri had moved out and so many things changed for Graham, he couldn’t help but feel “…needy and ignored, depressed and angry over nothing.” Not entirely Patrick’s fault, Graham didn’t communicate.

This story of an established couple who have lost their way resonated with me. I read so many books and they end with a happily ever after but really, is it always? In this case, it is two men who love each other very much and raised a daughter together but just grew apart. I don’t think either of them takes the entire blame. I loved how they each had to come to terms with what their relationship was and how to fix it.

Sweet, hopeful and honest story of two people making their way back to each other. And a grandbaby!!



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