Review: Kate Steele – Amended Soul

29414674Author: Kate Steele
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre:M/M Paranormal
ISBN: 9781682521069

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Jamie Hardin has been both blessed and cursed. His first marriage was ideal until his beloved wife’s passing. His second became a horror story that resulted in his sixteen year old son disappearing from his life for two torturous years. Now divorced and reunited with Rio, who has since become a werewolf and mate to Mick Matranga, Jamie has begun a new chapter in his life.

Uprooting himself and his adopted son, Jack, to be near his eldest child, Jamie is looking forward to reestablishing his relationship with Rio, and setting up his optometry practice. What he hadn’t counted on was a very sexy werewolf taking more than a shine to him.

Jed Matranga has made it his business to alleviate the guilt Jamie feels for the hardships Rio has endured, and to raise his spirits along with certain body parts Jamie was sure had given up the ghost. Though far from objecting to the heat between them, Jamie is unsure he deserves to be happy again. It will take a very determined person to show Jamie that old hurts can be laid to rest, and new delights should be embraced without reservation. For a very simple reason, Jed has appointed himself to be that person; Jamie is his mate, and accepted or not, Jed will do everything he can to return the joy to Jamie’s life.

Jamie Harden, along with his five-year-old son, Jack, has decided to move closer to his teenage son, Rio, and Rio’s werewolf partner, Mick (Altered Hearts). Rio had disappeared when he was sixteen and they’ve only recently reconnected. Jamie is still smarting over the fact that his second wife abused Rio without Jamie’s knowledge. When he found out, he immediately divorced her, and he made sure he got full custody of Jack. An optometrist, he’s purchased a home with attached office. All he needs now is to get it renovated, and he can open his business in the town where Rio lives.

And that’s when he meets Mick’s brother, Jed. For some odd reason, he feels a shock as they shake hands at their first meeting, and he finds himself looking Jed over as if he was attracted to him. But he’s never been attracted to a man before so he’s stumped. On the other hand, Jed is gobsmacked when he meets Jamie. He knows immediately that Jamie is his mate and he and his wolf rejoice in having found him. But he’s smart enough, and cautious enough, to know that it will take time to win Jamie over. This isn’t the time to rush forward, or Jamie might reject him, and Jed will never have his heart’s desire.

Jamie hires Jed to renovate his office and the two start to form the bonds of friendship and a slow-building attraction. Jamie still can’t figure out why he’s so attracted to Jed, but goes with the flow, staying open-minded. After all, he’d be a hypocrite to criticize an attraction between men when his own son is married to one. An accidental fall causes Jamie to break his arm, and it’s Jed to the rescue—in more ways than one. Jed and his wolf are still taking it slow, but they are now with Jamie twenty-four-hours a day, and Jed has all he can do to keep his wolf from staking his claim, especially when it’s evident that Jamie is now attracted to him as well.

I really enjoyed this story, more so than the first one. Jed is the kind of guy I’d love to meet. Tall, alpha, handsome, and yet sweet and patient and caring. He goes out of his way to make sure Jamie can accept him fully before making a move. Jamie is a great guy as well. A wonderful father, and a kind, loving man, he’s got a pretty good head on his shoulders and is able to sort out his feelings from his gut reactions—at least he does after a while. I enjoyed the romance and the buildup. To be honest, the last scene in the book, which featured multiple orgasms, did go on a bit too long, in my opinion. However, the author managed to do a great job with the slow burn-UST up to that point. And it wasn’t that the sex scene wasn’t good, it was just a bit too prolonged in comparison to all the other scenes in the story. But overall, it’s a really nice paranormal story that ties up any loose ends left after Altered Hearts, and brings both couples to their HEA.

If you like shifter stories, I definitely recommend you try this one.



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