Review: Keira Andrews – In Case of Emergency

Author: Keira Andrews
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: KA Books
Genre: Mm

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: After years alone, Daniel Diaz is finally ready to shake up his orderly, solitary life. He’s about to leave for a cozy Christmas getaway with his new man when he gets the call from the ER that his former stepbrother has been admitted with a concussion and a broken hand—and Cole put him down as his emergency contact. Why the hell would he do that? Daniel barely knows the guy. After all, their parents’ marriage lasted less than a year and it was a decade ago!

But Cole has no one else to look after him and strict doctor’s orders not to be left alone. So fine, Daniel will bring him along on vacation to make sure he doesn’t starve or fall into a coma. This is supposed to be Daniel’s chance to explore romance again after locking down his feelings for too long—except it turns out his could-be boyfriend is more interested in partying and being an obnoxious jerk. Daniel sends him packing, and now he’s stuck with a virtual stranger in an isolated mountain cabin.

Cole Smith crushed hard on cranky Daniel when they were teenagers. Alone with him in a romantic winter wonderland, those feelings roar back to life. Glimpsing the caring, vulnerable man under Daniel’s frosty shell, he yearns to get closer. Christmas is a time for surprises, and Daniel and Cole discover a scorching connection that just might melt their hearts.

This fluffy gay Christmas romance from Keira Andrews features former stepbrothers reconnecting as adults, sexy hot-tub shenanigans, cuddling by the fire, and of course a happy ending.

Review: Daniel is trying to make a difference in his organized (boring) life. He is embracing CYC, change your cadence, learned from a seminar he attended, where you do things you wouldn’t normally in order to make your life change for the better. He’s going after Justin, a flamboyant man he normally wouldn’t be with, to whisk him away on a romantic holiday. Except. First he’s called to the hospital for someone he doesn’t even know. Oh wait, it’s a former stepbrother and why in the world did Cole put Daniel down as emergency contact? Then it turns out Cole needs someone to monitor concussion symptoms for 24 hours so there goes the romance. THEN, he gets there and the romance is out the window anyway. CYC just isn’t working for Daniel. Or is it?

Cole was the former stepbrother but he has never forgotten Daniel or the giant crush he had on Daniel. The awe he had for Daniel and his then boyfriend, Trevor, who braved the bigots and were out and proud. Now he has to deal with an adult Daniel, who is even better than before.

I liked Melanie, Paul and Jean-Luc and I would have liked to see more of them but the story is focused on Daniel and Cole. We get glimpses into just how much of a douche Justin really is (and the scene in the kitchen, I was hoping Cole would flatten him) and also just how much Daniel was hurt by Trevor. He’s “…supposed to be cold and dead inside…” but that isn’t working right now. I felt for Daniel.

Cole and Daniel are sweet and if it goes a little quick, well, it’s a holiday story and I was okay with that.



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