Review: Kiernan Kelly – Seti’s Heart

51wpFmMdezL._SY346_Author: Kiernan Kelly
Reviewer: Toni
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

Rating: ★★★★★ 


Cursed by the god who shares his name, Seti was an Egyptian king who lost everything; his name, his kingdom, even the man he loved more than anything in the world. For centuries he’s waited in a dusty, forgotten sarcophagus, until Logan comes along. Logan is a graduate student who stumbles on Seti in the basement of a museum and accidentally awakens him. Logan figures any way he looks at it, a missing mummy is going to be bad for his career, so he takes Seti with him until he can decide what to do. He doesn’t want to be accused to theft, but who’s going to believe in a mummy coming back to life? Seti and Logan have a lot more to worry about than the modern day police. There’s a group of scientists that want Seti for more than decoration and a vengeful god with an agenda to get Seti gone once and for all. Logan has to deal with all of that, but his biggest problem might just be Seti himself, who’s trying hard to get into Logan’s pants, and his heart.


The only thing that bothered me about this book was that it was a standalone. I would have loved for the story to continue, but let me start from the beginning. We start out meeting Logan Ashton, a recent graduate who is trying to get a position at the Museum of Natural History in New York City. Through a series of events, Logan ends up waking a 5000 year old mummy. Of course, this mummy doesn’t look like any regular mummy. No, he’s got the body of a god. And the attitude to match.
The curse Seti experiences is extreme, but his resurrection is foretold. It’s his ability to blend in to the modern world that is enjoyable to read. Yes, Egyptian gods do make appearances and there is some humour to be found there also. Who knew Osiris had a thing for 21st Century slang?
Seti and Logan do have chemistry and it’s practically electrifying. The sex scenes are extremely well done. Let’s just say Logan is one lucky guy. I gave this five hearts because it is so well written and kept me reading (of course I was supposed to be doing work) until it was finished.
If you are looking for a great, fast-paced read with sex, humour, and a plot twist, Seti’s Heart will fit the bill wonderfully.


Dreamspinner Press 

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