Review: Kim Fielding – Dear Ruth

Author: Kim Fielding
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Mm Holiday

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Summary: Dear Ruth,
I’m not in the mood for Christmas. After a romantic relationship went up in flames, I returned to my hometown in rural Kansas. Then my mother passed away. I’m really busy with my job as fire marshal—and now with my mother’s advice column, which I reluctantly took over. There’s a sexy newcomer down the street, a guy with a young daughter and an unfortunate disregard for fire safety. He seems to want to be friends, but that creates problems that may be too hot for me to handle. The last things I need right now are flammable holiday decorations and too much holiday food. How am I supposed to give good advice to others when I can’t seem to get my own life straight?
—Bah Humbug in Bailey Springs

Review: Bryce returned to his hometown in Kansas and stayed after his mother passed away. It’s been difficult but he likes his job as a fire marshal (although he takes it a little overboard with the fire safety reminders at times). He’s missing his mother, although he tries not to show it so much. “I’m fine. I’m thirty-eight, which is plenty old to survive without my mommy.” Doesn’t matter if you are 38 or 88, Bryce, you miss your mom. “Bryce had saved a bunch of those old texts and sometimes scrolled through them.” From his mama. He’s trying though. “The fact that she’d keeled over in a graveyard? She would have thought that was really funny.”

Things take a turn in two ways. One, he meets the sexy new neighbor, Noah, and his daughter, Harper, a young girl who wants to be a firefighter (yes!). Two, his mother’s great friend, Alma, has asked him to take over the advice column his mother had, Dear Ruth. He’s sort of guilted into it even though he’s not sure about this.

I loved when Bryce invites Noah and Harper to the fire station so she can see what it is like. Way to encourage a young girl, Bryce! As Noah and Bryce get to know each other, there’s some “is he or isn’t he”, which causes a bit of friend zone. But things get sorted and it’s a cute holiday story with a great little girl involved.



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