Review: Laura Bailo – A Special Delivery

Author: Laura Bailo
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: NineStar Press
Genre: Mm Holiday

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Summary: Colin only meant to take a wrongly delivered package to a house a few streets over. But a sudden snowstorm leaves him with no option but to beg shelter from his unknown neighbour James. During the course of a long night, a cozy fire, a little hot chocolate and the snow outside conspire to draw the two men closer. But will their connection outlast the storm?

Review: A cute short story about Colin and his dog, Anubis, (Love the name!) who receive a package that should have gone to a neighbor. They take a walk to deliver it, only to find themselves caught in a blizzard. Luckily, James, the correct recipient, invites them in to wait out the storm.

It’s a pretty fluffy story, no sex, no angst. Just two strangers getting to know each other as they wait out a storm. And the dog! Anubis is awesome, bonding with James right away. “You could always adopt a cat. If I wanted someone to look at me as if they are better than me, I would bring my boss home.” Sounds just like my cat.

These are two very nice people who deserve some happiness and joy. Hopefully, they have it after this Christmas. Oh, and the library! That should be a character unto itself!



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