Review: Liberty Lace – Unspeakable

412xYRT-tnL_laceAuthor: Liberty Lace
Reviewer: Wendy
Publisher: Wilde City Press
Genre: MM Anthology

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: Liberty Lace invites you into a world of romance both tantalizing and taboo with a collection of love stories so forbidden, so secretive, so unspeakable, it will leave you breathless.
Unspeakable/—Liberty Lace’s first anthology—features the acclaimed taboo romances Entwined, A Cousin To Kiss, The Hush-Hush Crush, Stepbrothers In Chains, Letter To Him, Islands In The Stream and Forbidden Secrets.
Dare to fall in love with taboo romance.

4 hearts – “Entwined” is a story with a very tangled web of family secrets. From a father hiding a medical condition, to a grandfather who wasn’t quite the man everyone thought him to be, to twin brothers Thomas and Tobias being in love and carrying on a secret relationship – this one keeps doling out surprises in increments and proves that blood is thicker than water.

3 ½ hearts – “A Cousin to Kiss” is a quickie of a story about cousins Luke and Cal who are reunited at a family wedding after not seeing one another for 15 years. As children, they were inseparable and their close bond definitely had something more than friendship at the heart of it. Cheers to Aunt April for her words of wisdom or we may have never witnessed the passion between these kissing cousins!

3 hearts – “The Hush – Hush Crush” (also known as “When a Twin Peaks”) is a short sizzler featuring twins Scott and Sawyer. Scott spent a good chunk of his life pushing Sawyer away for fear of revealing his feelings, but the walls finally tumble down after Sawyer asks to crash at Scott’s place for a while. Adorable older ladies and some hot fireman action add a little extra spice to this one.

4 ½ hearts – “Stepbrothers in Chains” is one of those short stories that immediately grabbed my attention and didn’t let go. It’s a little bit kinky, a whole heap of sexy, and unexpectedly sweet to boot. It shows that you don’t necessarily have to be linked by blood to experience the closeness of a family bond. My favorite of the bunch!!

4 hearts – “Letter to Him” is a unique story told completely in the form of a letter from one brother to another. It’s all about the anticipation and angst of finally making their relationship known to their parents. It was very touching, and had me hooked in the moment. One of my favorite passages from the story was this: “My love for you has always been a part of me. There was no moment of reckoning, no sudden dawning, no wave of realization that this was how I felt. To me, this is as natural as love can possibly be. I never have to prove myself to you. I never had to explain my feelings. I never had to declare my love. We have simply loved one another all along.”

3 hearts – “Islands in the Stream” takes the taboo factor up a notch with the pairing of father and son in this story. There was a lot of depth to this short tale and I could totally imagine being there on that island. My primary hang-up with this one was the fact that I had a harder time connecting with the son Daniel, but no such problem with father Nick!

4 hearts – “Forbidden Secrets: Forbidden Glades Book One”, as the name suggests, appears to be the starting point of either a longer book or series. It’s a naughty teaser that got me wound up and wanting more. Just when things seem to clear up and twins Tristan and Thad start moving in the same direction, some secrets of Burma creep into the fringes of the story and leave you with more questions than answers.

Unspeakable gets 4 all around hearts from me. Naughty is nice!


Wilde City Press

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