Review: Lilah Suzanne – After the Sunset

41WwrNoFjiLAuthor: Lilah Suzanne
Reviewer: Diane
Publisher: Interlude Press
Genre: Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


Caleb Harris and Ty Smith-Santos are struggling actors who have never crossed paths until their lives take a turn for the bizarre when they learn that a farm in Sunset Hollow, Washington has been bequeathed to both of them. Intent on selling the property, Caleb and Ty clear out the cluttered farmhouse, but soon find themselves falling for the charming farm nestled between two misty-topped mountains, the lonely man who left it to them, and each other. When a real estate developer offers them a hefty payout, will they take the money and run or keep the farm and their budding relationship?


Caleb Harris is a struggling actor on the west coast while Ty Smith-Santos is a struggling actor on the east coast. Both of them are trying to determine what to do with their careers when they get a letter about a farm in Washington which has been bequeathed to both of them. While they initially intend to clean up and sell the property, as they clear things out, learn the routine for the animals and learn a bit about the former owner, they wonder if there may be other paths for them.
The story is told from Caleb and Ty’s alternating point of view.

I will start with one spoiler – on the cover of this book, there is a line saying “a little romcom”, if you are expecting a comedy book, it is not. It is closer to the romcom movies where, while there are funny moments, overall, there is a serious storyline with some poignant moments along the way. That is more what this story is!

To that end, Caleb has been trying to get his career going since he had his first (and only) leading role and is wondering if he will ever have what it takes. He is likable right away, even if he does beat himself up about trying too hard at everything. Meanwhile, Ty is much more careful and held back, primarily because his parents are successful producers and sadly, he has had very few real friends or relationships because people want to get to his parents through him. He has tried getting his career going on his own, but feels he has lost his passion for it, but does not know what else to do. He is distant, has his reasons, and while you want to hurry him along with opening up to Caleb, he has to do it at his own pace.

When they get their letters, the lawyer learns that not only did they not know the former owner, Ezra, but they also have never met each other until they are in the lawyer’s office! Caleb sees this as a new adventure, Ty sees this as another chore that he is not sure how he got himself into! Both men, while they find snippets of Ezra in the house, and for the little they learn from Lois, the neighbor, begin to feel a kinship with him and want to honor him somehow, although they both choose different ways. Attraction happens, misunderstanding happens, and then it is whether or not they can get past that misunderstanding to see if they have a future.

I really enjoyed this story, it’s a first for me from this author, but I will definitely be looking for more. The love scenes are not overly graphic, as the relationship are more important than just one aspect of it. And I also thought it was quite clever how the misunderstanding scenes were done as a flashback rather than a play by play. If you like short stories that are dramatic, romantic, with a bit of humor, and some great characters, I think you will enjoy this story.


Interlude Press 

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