Review: Lissa Reed – Absolutely, Almost Perfect (Sucre Coeur #3)

34858770Author: Lissa Reed
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Interlude Press
Genre: Mm Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★¼ 

Summary: Craig Oliver and Alex Scheff lead a charmed life. Craig is part owner of Sucre Coeur, the bakery he’s loved and managed for years. Alex is an up-and-coming Seattle photographer. Their relationship has been going strong for a year, and everything is absolutely perfect—right up until Craig receives a wedding invitation from his long-estranged brother.

As Craig grows tense over seeing his brother for the first time in years, Alex can’t control his anxiety over meeting Craig’s family. At the wedding in an English hamlet, boisterous Scottish mothers, smirking teenage sisters, and awkward ex-boyfriends complicate the sweet life they lead.

Review: This is the continuation of the story of Craig and Alex (who met and fell in love in Definitely, Maybe, Yours) who are solid partners, who love each other through flaws and panic. I hate to say that someone with an anxiety disorder is funny, but Alex the former playboy can be. When the invitation for Craig’s estranged brother’s wedding comes, our story starts with Alex locked in the bathroom freaking out. Said panicking continues on the plane destined for England, in the airport and into Craig’s parent’s house. Alex has some self-esteem issues and they don’t help his nerves while he’s dealing with Craig’s parents, sisters, sister-in-law/best friend, jerk brother and former boyfriend.

I’m going to be honest, while we are on the subject of ex-boyfriend David, I hated how Craig was flirting and playing with David. I don’t know where that came from but it seemed very disrespectful, especially with Alex there doing everything to be a good boyfriend for him. Things work out in the end but that kept me from cheering Craig on as much as I would have.

Alex is adorable. He is easily bribed with going to see lambs, he gets on great with Craig’s surly teenaged sister “I’ve always been curious to know what I’d have been like as a teenage girl, and here we are”, he puts aside his own panic to be there for his boyfriend and he tries to keep things positive. He can’t help but think poorly of brother Duncan, because Duncan starts it off badly.

You know there is going to be a showdown eventually with Duncan and it takes an episode with Alex for that to happen. Really, Duncan has been the worst brother for most of their lives and he really doesn’t have a good excuse for it. You know there has to be something good about him because Craig’s best friend, Chloe, is the bride-to-be, but he just doesn’t show it around Alex or Craig.

I loved the twist with Craig and Alex (in the bathtub no less!) because that seemed so real and so them. The Robbie wall, too, made me laugh. I can only imagine what it’s like to sleep with that! There were so many times I thought, yes, that’s just what a loving partner would do and sometimes, I wanted to hug them. “Because when I have a panic attack, you’re my top ten reasons to grit my teeth and ride it out.” So true, Alex.

And Craig. “It’s everything he’s wanted and never known when to bring up. And no wonder. In the end, this question was never his to ask.”

As just an aside, Alex on the cover looks exactly like I thought Alex should look.  That’s rare for me.

This is a sweet, funny story of family and how much they can make you insane. Add in a wedding and things get crazy fast. I liked the characters so much and I felt it was realistic. It was absolutely, almost perfect.



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