Review: M.D. Grimm – Feather and Scroll (The Shifters #11)

Author: M.D. Grimm
Reviewer: Diane
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Paranormal

Rating: ★★★★½ 


Agent Pan has spent most of his adult life protecting shape-shifters from the Knights—an organization bent on their annihilation—and keeping the secret war in the shadows where it belongs. But the Knights are growing bolder, and a new threat has resurfaced after being buried in the ocean for decades.

An ancient scroll, a key to a devastating weapon, is now in the hands of a recalcitrant Russian hawk shifter named Viktor. As a bird shifter, he knows his duty is to protect the scroll, but he wants nothing to do with the war. He leads a quiet life and wants to keep it that way. But when agents come knocking on his door, he finds it difficult to resist the charms of Agent Pan, especially since this isn’t their first meeting.

Two years earlier they spent a passionate weekend together, neither aware of the other’s true identity. Viktor never really got over Pan. Now with sexual tension at its peak, they must learn to trust each other and work as a team to protect not only their loved ones, but every shifter in the world.


I must confess, I have not read the first books of this series, which is why I kept passing on it when it came on the review lists, however, it just sounded so good, and I knew I had enjoyed the other M.D. Grimm books I read, I took it anyway! To really enjoy this book, it is likely best to read the balance of the series (and I did find that DSP have nicely packaged stories 1 to 8 in a collection to get you caught up!), but the author does provide enough detail to understand what is going on so if you, like me, start somewhere in the middle, you can still enjoy it…then likely go get the rest of the series to catch up! And based on the teaser at the end, you likely will want to since it references characters from book 6!

That said, you have a world where there are shifters of all kinds, there are master shifters, who oversee their particular group. A character by the name of Arcas, has started a war where he wants an eradication of shifters from the world and working with him is Gregor, his lover and right hand man and several people known as Knights, who work to kill shifters and collect ancient scrolls said to unleash a deadly weapon against the shifters. On the shifter side, you have the Agency and their Agents, humans of fae descent, who are working to protect the shifters and prevent Arcas and the Knights getting the scrolls. This book definitely read like an urban fantasy as it seemed to be set in current time, with several points of view of multiple characters, which is why I was able to understand what was going on.

Well, what a story this was and it was only one of the eleven! The author managed to create this world that was equally believable and scary, let you feel the chemistry of Pan, who is an Agent and Viktor, a hawk shifter, throughout the story, even as they are battling Knights! The author provides solid secondary characters in Jin, Tommy, Glory and Mac, who all have scenes interacting with one or both of the leads. It’s urban fantasy, paranormal, a thriller, with a great pace and just a really great book! I can hardly wait to read the rest of the series before the next book comes out in October!

If you are a fan of paranormal or urban fantasy with romance mixed into it, I believe you will enjoy this, although I do suggest treating yourself to the series! This is definitely on my favorites of 2017 list and I will be treating myself to the series so I can appreciate the world the author has created and characters even more. I did look up the series on both the author website as well as Dreamspinner to get an idea of story synopsis and there appear to be shifters of all sorts of species, mixing with humans, fae and some great mythology and lore mixed into it and I really look forward to reading the rest of the series.


Dreamspinner Press 

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