Review: M.J O’Shea – Duke in Hiding

29523374Author: M.J O’Shea
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: DreamSpinner Press
Genre: M/M Historical
ISBN: 9781634771481

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Every gentleman has something to hide.

Meeting Heath Blackwood, a gorgeous English farmer, is probably the most exciting thing to ever happen to small-town landscaper Theo Brody, who has lived in quiet Maplehurst, New Hampshire, all his life. The sexy and secretive Brit shakes the foundations of his orderly world as they are swept up in a springtime romance neither can resist.

But Heath’s secrets run deeper than Theo ever imagined. He’s actually Heathcliff Pierrepont Blackwood, Duke of Kingston, in hiding from recent death threats. Suddenly there’s more separating them than the Atlantic Ocean, and Theo doubts he’ll ever fit in with English nobility. Though Heath and Theo are opposites in almost every way, their love might bridge the gap—if they’re willing to take the risk.

Review: Theo Brody lives and works hard in Maplehurst, New Hampshire. Born there, he was orphaned as a young teen and taken under the wing of his best friend Gillian’s family. He’s trying to get a landscaping business started and works at the local bar in the evenings to supplement his meager earnings. It’s pretty boring there until one night a snobby Brit walks in and turns Theo’s world upside down.

Heath Blackwood is hiding out in Maplehurst on the advice of his best friend and manager, Parker. There were death threats against him, and when a bomb was found in his bedroom, the best plan seemed to be to get him out of the country quickly. Though the bomb was fake, the authorities need time to find out who’s behind the threats, and it seems like America is a good choice since he’s fairly well known in the UK. After all, he’s gorgeous, single, gay, and the Duke of Kingston—Heathcliff Pierrepont Blackwood!

From the moment Theo meets Heath, he’s attracted, snobby though the Brit may be. They get off to a bad start, with Theo giving as good as he gets, and yet, the two are swiftly attracted to one another. When Heath asks for a restart and shows that he’s not what Theo originally believed him to be, it becomes apparent that Heath’s time in Maplehurst may not be as boring as he had at first thought.

The two spend a lot of time together, and they go slowly as they build a firm foundation for a relationship. Heath’s cover story is that he’s a farmer and is interested in a local farmer’s goat cheese operation—one that has become famous. He fails to tell Theo who he really is until he realizes that he loves Theo, and if he can’t trust him, who can he trust?

Of course, that’s just when his past jumps out to grab him in the form of Parker showing up to take him back to the UK and nothing goes as he planned. Will Theo be able to accept who Heath is? Will Heath be able to adapt his life to Theo’s? Who is making the death threats? Will there be any hope for these two as a couple?

I feel like I’m being repetitive with my reviews, but I need to say I am really enjoying this Dreamspun Desires series based on the old M/F romances of years past. This one is just so good. I highly recommend it to those who enjoy a good old-fashioned romance between two very worthy opponents who become two very unforgettable characters.



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