Review: Madeline McEwen – Tis the Reason

33226641Author: Madeline McEwen
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: MLR Press
Genre: MM Holiday
[xrr rating=2.75/5]

Summary: Derek Cuthbertson, Cubby to his friends, first sets eyes on Berty, whom he assumes to be a ramshackled homeless guy on the street, a few days before Christmas. Little does Cubby know, that Berty will turn out to be the best holiday present he could ever have imagined. Berty isn’t gift-wrapped but he’s the whole package–signed, sealed, and delivered in the nick of time.

Review: Cubby is the owner of Cubby’s Closets, a personal shopping service that provides the perfect clothes for men. He’s trying to keep his business afloat and in the meantime is living at his mom’s and running the business out of her basement. Mom is a sweetie, worried about her memory, cooking horrible things and meddling in Cubby’s life. She’s a gem.
When Cubby sees a homeless man, he feels he should do something, but doesn’t. Then that same homeless man turns up at Cubby’s house. Is he being followed? Stalked? Nope, a misunderstanding.

While I liked the two of them separately, Cubby and Bertram, together they didn’t seem to have any chemistry. I like the way Bertram talks but the misunderstanding, if that’s what we call it, was too much for me. Not sure if mom engineered it or what, but it was a bit over the top and then Bertram sort of takes over everything.  So, didn’t hate it, didn’t love it. I did love the cover.



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