Review: Maggie Kavanagh – Inner Sanctum

1874222Author: Maggie Kavanagh
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre:M/M Contemporary
ISBN: 9781634764056

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Six months into a relationship, things have heated up between political blogger Sam Flynn and FBI Special Agent Nathan Walker. Though Sam is happy with Nathan and proud of his own sobriety, he’s anxious about what their future holds. Things are heating up in Stonebridge, Connecticut, as a series of deadly fires puts the community on edge and eventually threatens Sam’s comatose brother. As Halloween approaches, fears rise that the arsonist will strike again.

When Sam encounters the main suspect, seventeen-year-old orphan Damon Blake, he’s not sure what to do. Obstruction might land him in jail, but he is increasingly skeptical of Damon’s guilt. He takes matters into his own hands and investigates, but doing so means keeping Damon’s whereabouts a secret from Nathan and the police. Meanwhile, Nathan wonders what Sam is hiding and grapples with insecurities of his own. Sam wants to confide in Nathan, and Nathan wants to trust Sam, but they discover that negotiating new love can be as dangerous as solving crime.

Inner Sanctum is the second book in The Stonebridge Mysteries by Maggie Kavanagh. This book is best read as part of the series to best understand the characters and setting. However, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone novel as well.

The first paragraph of the story leaves you intrigued. At the end of the first chapter, I was hooked and could not wait to finish the story. The author did a wonderful job of creating a realistic world where the reader is able to picture what is happening, including a time and place. The author realistic world pulled to reader into in was ease. The pace of the story was a steady pace that was not too fast or too slow. The characters in the story were thought-provoking and exciting. I loved that both Sam and Nathan each were not perfect. They both come across as very realistic.

The point of view alternated between Sam and Nathan, giving the reader a glimpse inside both characters. The changing point of view was done with care so the reader did not get lost or repeat story lines. The main conflict of the story is developing relationship while Sam is trying to clean a teenager’s name. The characters motivations fit the conflict. The level of conflict is perfect. I was left wanting more by the stories end. The dialogue between the characters was sincere and distinct. The characters voice matched not only the setting but fit their overall personality. I loved this story, and can see re-reading it again in the future. I cannot wait to read the next book in the series.


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