Review: Marie Jacquelyn – Puss in Prada

puss in prada
Author: Marie Jacquelyn
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Genre: MM Paranormal

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Summary: Still struggling with his recent breakup, Alexander runs headlong—literally—into a witch who leaves him far less than human. Now a wise-cracking cat with a taste for expensive clothes, he is forced to live with the ex he can’t get over and help the man find someone who will finally make him happy

Review: In a word, adorable. Our story begins with Alex the writer being threatened by his agent to get his overdue chapters to her. Good thing he’s a writer, because “On the internet, no one knows you’re a cat.” He’s a “…medium-sized cat wearing a tailored Prada shirt…” He can talk, type his novels, get finicky about what he eats and hang out with his ex-boyfriend, Ethan.

While Alex as a cat is the cutest, the star of the story for me is Ethan. He’s so lovely. He is a baker who hangs out around the house in ugly underwear talking to and taking care of the cat/ex-boyfriend. While Alex is full of snark, Ethan is kindness and loyalty wrapped in a flowered headband-wearing baker. I loved him.

Alex has been a cat for three years and Ethan had broken up with him six months before that. It’s time Ethan had someone to call his own, Alex figures, and tries to do some matchmaking with Mr. Sticky Bun. It is during his “Ethan needs someone” that Alex is realizing how bad he was for Ethan before and starts thinking he is an “…obligation born out of guilt” now.

This was just so endearing from start to finish. A fight with a crow while defending the mailbox, embarrassment to be taken from the vet without his designer clothes on “Don’t look at me; I’m naked,” (I admit I laughed that that, he is a cat after all) and best of all, the realization of what Alex had and lost and how to regain it. A definite pick-me-up that made me smile.


Less Than Three Press

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