Review: Mark C. Wade – Granite Peak Holiday

Author: Mark C. Wade
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: MLR Press
Genre: Mm Paranormal

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: When Ross takes a cross-country holiday road trip, his travel companion turns out to be more than expected.

Ross is inexplicably drawn to Byron. When it turns out they are from the same place on the other side of the country, Ross suspects something strange is going on. Why does Byron have so much holiday cheer? Why do weird things always happen when he’s around? And most importantly, will they really attempt to climb a mountain in the middle of winter?
Review: This is a cute short, about 70 pages on my iPad, involving a package delivery man named Ross who is enduring the annual holiday party when he meets a gorgeous but sort of odd higher up named Byron. Byron takes an immediate shine to Ross but gives him some very odd news. “For the record, I’m half convinced you’re a psychopath stalker.” It does come across that way because it’s a crazy story.

Ross is adopted and his parents are wonderful. I was a little peeved at one point because Ross “He had found his home and family” and I thought, no, you have a family! But this is explained later and made me happy.

This is a really clever short. I had to laugh at how they find each other, because it made sense! It’s just a very cute and clever take on how Santa gets all those presents delivered. This one really made me smile.



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