Review: Meg Harding – Finding Home


Author: Meg Harding
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Oceanside Press
Genre: MM Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★¼ 

Summary: Jaden Matthews has never known his father or his father’s family, but he’s about to get a crash course on having siblings. With the recent passing of his grandmother, he’s discovered he has three half-brothers and part ownership of a gym. In Serenity, Florida. His life in New York has hit a rocky road, so maybe this is the vacation he needs to get things back on track.

Chase Michaels lost his future in a car crash almost ten years ago, and he’s made a new one for himself in Serenity. One that doesn’t include getting emotionally involved with people who are just passing through. But Jaden makes his common sense flee and his gut react. He’s got one month with the man who made him believe in taking a chance.

Review: Jaden is going through a real rough patch. He not only didn’t get the promotion he was expecting, but his husband (jerk) of nine years bailed with the twink he’s been cheating with and now he finds out his grandmother, who he didn’t really know, left him part of her business in the town of Serenity, Florida, in the will, along with three half-brothers. It’s been a week, to be sure.

Jaden is a little neurotic, a lot anxious, sort of shy and awkward at times. He’s so real that you can’t help but like him. Meeting his half-brothers, Zane, Phoenix and Elliot, is so stressful, yet he wants to know them, to have a family. It’s just bonus that he meets the gorgeous Chase in the bargain. Chase owns a smoothie shop and teaches yoga and pilates at the gym where the three brothers, and now Jaden, are the owners. He’s smitten with Jaden right away but Jaden is really gunshy and is only going to be in Serenity for a month, he and his Great Dane, Magneto. (I adored Magneto, btw.)

I liked this soft story. It’s not angsty and there isn’t a ton of action. It’s more a man who’s lost quite a bit getting the chance to gain even more. I liked that it wasn’t insta-love or even insta-lust. They have to get to know each other, Chase and Jaden; Jaden and Elliot, Phoenix and Zane; Jaden and Serenity; Jaden and his family past. Jaden has to deal with wildlife all around, the heat, raccoons keeping him hostage in the house, the heat, the ocean that he’s never been in, the heat, and the inquisitive nature of the small town.

One thing that I’d love answered – why was Jaden so adamant about not drinking from Chase’s water bottle? “I’d feel awful if you got something from me.” What? Let’s mention as well, Chase using bed pillows on his couch made me love him because I do too. “He had bed pillows on it, because he wasn’t worried about the look of it as much as he was the comfort.” Exactly!

We get to see the journey of Jaden as he makes his way and his decisions, sometimes good, sometimes not. He deals with his mother, “His mom loved him – just in her own special way” as he learns the ways of the small town and tries to figure out his father. I liked this very much and felt the characters were appealing and realistic. I would love to read a story about Phoenix, just saying.



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