Review: Megan Slayer – Sparkling New Year

Author: Megan Slayer
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: MLR Press
Genre: Mm

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Summary: Dating and Aydin Madison haven’t been good friends. He’s shy, bookish and would rather be with his set designs than most people. He knows his way around the theater, but his love life is non-existent. He knows whom he’d like to date–Brandon Kidd, the boy du jour of the art school. He’d love to rub Brandon the right way. It’s too bad Brandon doesn’t seem to know Aydin exists.

When freak circumstances throw these two together, they’ll have to decide if the sizzling connection is the key to their happy new year or just a fluke.

Review: Aydin works on the college campus and he is one of the few people remaining for the holiday break. He figures the only people he is going to see are the other two RAs and the few students remaining behind. He hates being by himself for the holidays but since his mother disowned him for being gay he has been lonely a lot. His best friend has gone home for the holidays and he’s ready to just deal with being by himself. When it turns out the object of his crush, Brandon, has also stayed back for the holidays Aydin is a little confused, a little scared and a little turned on.
Brandon is an artist who was unexpectedly stuck on campus but now that he is, he is going to make the best of it. And that means Aydin. Brandon is an artist and he is has noticed Aydin before, but thought him a jerk. Then wondered if he was shy but a jerk. Now “….realized Aydin was scared and shy. Brandon wanted to know why.”
I liked the idea of these two together but some things puzzled me. Aydin believes himself to be popular and have friends among the theater group (his major) yet Brandon claims “Even with the theater people, he feels like he’s on his own. I know, because I’ve asked my friends over there. He comes in, does what’s expected and tries to fit in, but they’re kind of ….clique-ish.” There are people, Nathan for example, who treat Aydin badly but then defends him to Brandon.
There were just strange conversations, such as between Brandon and Morgan, a fling, concerning Aydin. There is also the fact that after one date they are pretty much a happily ever after. But they are sweet together and I liked that Brandon was there for Aydin to start a Sparkling New Year.



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