Review: Mel Bossa – A Touch of Rain

51sz7-4z+YLAuthor: Mel Bossa
Reviewer: Diane
Publisher: JMS Books
Genre: Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


Tristan used to be top salesman at his firm, but when his friends suffered a tragedy, he stepped in to support them. Their ordeal over, Tristan turned to partying to ease his new solitude. Now his job is at risk and he stands to lose his home.

Rain spent years putting up with his husband Milo’s bad behavior before moving out. Single again and insecure, Rain dreams of creating a marionette show to celebrate kids on the autism spectrum in honor of his son. When Rain meets his neighbor Tristan, he’s drawn to Tristan’s sex-appeal and protective nature.

But Milo keeps pulling on Rain’s strings and messing with his head.

Tristan loves everything about Rain, including the strange sandwiches, mismatched socks, crazy marionettes, glitter makeup, and messy apartment. And Rain wants to give Tristan everything, but can he cut lose from Milo’s hold?


Tristan Holt is on probation at work due to too much partying after a personal crisis which puts the material things he has achieved of his nice apartment and furnishings at risk of being lost too. Rain Michaud is separated from his controlling husband, trying to find a new start for himself and his son, who has Asperger’s and then end up moving into the apartment next to Tristan.
The story is told from Tristan and Rain’s alternating point of view.

This story had a lot of layers to the plot, but I thought the author balanced them very well, and I was rather thrilled that it was set in Canada, specifically, in Montreal. Tristan has had a good life overall, with great friends and a good job where he has done quite well financially, however, some personal challenges led him to a few months of partying that has put his work life on a bit of an edge, especially when his party coworker is fired and he is put on probation. He does not sleep often and he seems to run mostly on determination! Rain has had somewhat of a sheltered life,being quite young when he met his husband, let alone when he became a father, however, he adores his son but his husband is controlling and he cannot live their life anymore, which is somewhat of a lie and an image to be maintained.

These were great characters and very real in that Tristan appeared to have everything together while Rain appeared to be the one you’d expect to struggle. What I particularly liked about Tristan, was when he learned a bit about Rain’s marriage, he made a point of allowing anything to happen between them be Rain’s choice and that he did what he could to connect with his son, Philip. Tristan has always been a helper, but is lousy at asking for help, for some reason, he seems to think he cannot be that vulnerable, so it was wonderful to see his journey through the book to feel safe to share all his feelings. For Rain, his journey was about seeing his own worth and his own strength, even if he was not academic. Philip was a wonderfully written little boy who is part boy, part man!

If you like stories of two men who both need to find someone to support them in all ways, and with children in the picture, with a few hot scenes, but mostly about the story and journey these men take, knowing it is not just about them, I think you will enjoy this story, although I would suggest having a few tissues nearby! Also, there are suggestions of a very controlling man, crossing into abuse, which readers may want to know about if those are triggers for them.

This is the first I’ve read of this author, but I will definitely be watching for more.


JMS Books 

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