Review: Mell Eight – Ge-Mi (Part One)

51qBKJf4sNLAuthor: Mell Eight
Reviewer: Ashley
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


A hundred years ago evil scientists spliced human genes with those of animals, creating a genetic mutation passed on through the generations. Hated because of their differences, these Ge-Mis live on the fringes of society where they scrounge and scrape to get by.

Nevada is half Ge-Mi, and hides that fact behind baggy clothes and by keeping distance between himself and everyone around him. One day his peaceful life is shattered by an explosion and the arrival of a pack of wolves to sniff out the culprit. Wolves have excellent noses and as Alpha, Taylor can sniff out every one of Nevada’s secrets—and the harder Nevada tries to resist, the more difficult staying away from Taylor becomes.


Nevada is a Ge-Mi, a human/snow leopard hybrid who must hide his identity in order to avoid discrimination. After his mother’s death he moved to a new town and found a good job and a safe home. But then a bombing near his work brings in trouble in the form of the local police force: a Ge-Mi wolf pack. When the Alpha, Taylor, gets too close to Nevada and learns his secret Nevada’s life changes once again.

This was such a fun and fluffy read! Every book Mell Eight writes is better than the last, and this is definitely her best yet. I absolutely adored Nevada, who is hard working, kind, and who rehabilitates cats in his free time. He even brings little kittens to work with him! It’s just too cute. The secondary characters were well rounded and the world they all lived in was interesting. I even grew to like Taylor, who I didn’t initially like because of his temper. The plot was light and consistent, with action and mystery to stir up what is mostly the story of a café and restaurant waiter’s life.

Now, while the world was interesting and I enjoyed the concept of Ge-Mi’s I still felt like there could have been a little more details in the world building. For example, I don’t really understand how the cities interact with each other and how the government actually works. That said, there is a chance these things will be cleared up in the next book and they were ultimately minor details that mostly bothered me in the beginning when I was still trying to figure out the story.

I definitely recommend this book to fans of light science fiction, and I especially recommend that people who haven’t read any of Mell Eight’s books should start with this one. If you’re in the mood for something fluffy that still has action, this is the book for you.


Less Than Three Press 

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