Review: Nico Jaye – Sex and Candy


Author: Nico Jaye
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: MM Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: Expanded Second Edition ~ Includes the Brand New Prequel Story “Candy Rain”

Sex and Candy
Lee may be in a relationship with Tony, but that little fact doesn’t stop Lee when Tony agrees to allow him one wild night of no inhibitions. With excitement thrumming through his veins, Lee finds himself letting loose at Hard Candy, a popular cruise-worthy dance club known for its sweet Candymen and even sweeter one night stands. Under the club’s pulsing lights, he meets a mysterious man in leather, and things soon get hot and heavy as Lee rediscovers his submissive side under the Dom’s firm yet loving guidance.

When Lee returns home to Tony, though, will he face repercussions for his night of passion? Or is their relationship not quite as it appears?

Candy Rain
With a stressful week on the job behind him, construction company owner Tony Morelli is ready for a night curled up on the couch with his dog, a couple of DVDs, and some takeout to keep him company. When a few guys from his crew convince him to join them at the steamy nightclub Hard Candy, Tony’s skeptical at best about his chances of having a good time. Bumping into gorgeous Lee, though, could change his mind, and they share a drink and conversation ripe with the potential to lead to so much more.

However, Tony doesn’t really do casual, and he has to ask himself if all he’d be left with are sweet memories of a night with Lee–and whether those memories would ever be enough.

Review: This is actually two books in one. You get both Sex and Candy and its prequel, Candy Rain, but the author specifically states that Sex and Candy is to be read first and places it first in the book. Being a rule follower for all (well, most) of my life, I did as instructed.

My first impression was Oh, no! There’s cheating! Though Lee’s partner gave him permission to go to Hard Candy, the dance club where they originally met a year ago, and to have a good time regardless of who it was with, my personal bias made me feel it was still cheating. So… quandary. What to do? Since I’m reading this book for review, I decided to stick it out. What I found was a hot story, with very explicit sex, and engaging characters. Both Lee, who is young submissive, good-looking, and adorable, and his unknown “Daddy” partner for the evening were hot, and their interactions very enjoyable—the verbal and the physical. Who wouldn’t love a tall, dark, bear with tattoos and an appealing grin? So I tried to overcome my distaste for possible cheating.

That story set the stage for me to want to learn more about Lee and his lover, Tony, so I was looking forward to part two of the story which tells the tale of their first meeting.

Candy Rain revisits their first meeting at the club the year before when Tony was practically dragged there by his coworkers who kept telling the boss (Tony) that he needed to get out and relax. He was at the point of leaving to go home to his golden retriever (and who wouldn’t love a man with a goldie?) when he spotted a hot young guy in trouble. Little did he know that saving Lee from the clutches of the bully who had him cornered would lead to more than a one-night-stand.

Both stories are explicit and are fairly short so most of the book takes place in the bathroom of the club or their bedroom, but both, and especially the second story, are fast-paced and both MCs are sweet—the kind of guys I’d like to meet and get to know better.

Overall, this was very enjoyable and I recommend it to those who like a little D/s in their MM romance, established couples, and explicit sex scenes.



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