Review: Pat Henshaw – Waking the Behr (Foothills Pride #7)

Author: Pat Henshaw
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Mm Contemporary

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Summary: Both Ben and Mitch think they know exactly what they want. Turns out, they don’t even know their own hearts.

Good old boy Ben has dated women his entire life, while gay nightclub owner Mitch has never considered unsophisticated country boys his type. But after they start hanging out, the small-town contractor and the urban entrepreneur are both stunned by the electricity sparking between them.

As they step outside their comfort zones to spend time together, Mitch finds he enjoys rural car rallies, and Ben is intrigued by the upscale bars Mitch owns in San Francisco. When they share their lives and grow closer, they start to question the way they’ve always defined themselves. Then they kiss and fling open the door to love. Now they must step up and travel the road that may lead to happily ever after—even if that path isn’t one they ever expected to walk.

Review: I am a fan of the Foothills Pride series but I will have to say this one wasn’t my favorite. This installment features Ben, a contractor who is called in to look at the building that out and proud Mitch is buying. The first meeting between Ben and Mitch is at the run down building when Ben walks in on Mitch in an exuberant, unabashed dance session. Ben is, in his own words, “…your basic laid-back good old boy…” and he can’t figure out why he feels the way he does around Mitch. The Rhino GX is just a bonus, but there’s something about the man. “Mitch was a pile of kaleidoscopic bits and pieces, mostly bright and fascinating with a few dull stones thrown in for variety’s sake.”

Ben’s two brothers are gay and the giant issue Ben has with coming out of the closet was a little confounding to me. I questioned why Mitch was putting in so much effort, because we didn’t get a lot of connection between the two and Ben was pretty all over the place. His “het-o-meter” was apparently dinging in a way he didn’t want so we get a lot of conflicted thoughts while at the same time he’s panting over Mitch. It was confusing.

Since the book is told first person from Ben’s point of view, we don’t get a real feel for Mitch and his reasons for wanting Ben. He woos and wines and dines Ben but since they didn’t seem very connected (even as friends, it was sort of one-sided), I didn’t get it. It’s pretty insta-love, in a gay for you story that I thought went too fast. Ben is now bisexual, leaning towards gay.

The series is a good one and I enjoy getting to revisit.  Since Connor has moved to the city and is working for one of Mitch’s clubs, I’m curious to see what will happen with him.



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