Review: R.W. Clinger – The Icicles

Author: R.W. Clinger
Reviewer: Toni
Publisher: JMS
Genre: Mm Holiday

Summary: When Jonah Icicle decides to spend Christmas with his family and introduces his new boyfriend Sandy, everyone reacts differently. His mother Pam is combative, always judgmental to a fault, obnoxious, and loud. Jonah’s sister Willa adores the new man in her brother’s life and feels he will be a key player in their close unit. Willa’s husband Bobo suffers from hypersexuality and unfortunately can’t keep his hands off Sandy. And Jake, Jonah’s brother and Pam’s favorite son, is more interested in his marijuana than his relatives.
As the snow flies and the electricity goes out, the Icicles fight, hug, and laugh. Can they welcome the holiday spirit — and Sandy — into their lives?

Review: I was unable to get past the first few pages of this story. Within those first few pages I was bombarded by info dumping being told about characters and their history instead of being shown. There is very little action within the first five pages as the author gives us a bit of dialogue and then launches into info-dumping about reasons behind where they are going, how the characters came together, what their motivations are, etc. It was also written in present tense, which I felt didn’t help.



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