Review: RayeAnne Carter – The Locked Room

Author: RayeAnne Carter
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Genre: MM Contemporary

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Summary: When Klin meets West, it almost seems to be too good to be true. West is handsome, intriguing, excellent in bed, and Klin especially loves his beautiful black beard. Though their jobs mean they spend a lot of time apart, their affection stays strong and West soon asks Klin to move in with him. The only caveat is that Klin never venture into the locked room on the top floor…

Review: Klin (Franklin) does lighting for movies and he’s on location almost constantly. It is during an outing with his friends celebrating his promotion from Best Boy to Gaffer that he first meets the beautiful West. I have to admit, I loved Klin’s friends. They noticed West checking Klin out at the dinner theater so made sure he knew where they were going after. One told the women West was with where they were going; two others talked about the pub as they walked past West and the best one introduced himself to West and told him where they were taking Klin. “His name is West. Go.” And so he does.

So the relationship continues with basically bits and pieces of time stolen between Klin’s on location travel and West’s travel for work. Sometimes they only have time for a hug at the airport, sometimes a few days between projects. It seemed like they moved pretty quickly to me only because they were apart so often. Every once in a while West would show up with his pretty black beard that Klin loved so much shaved but Klin never asks about it. When West asks Klin to move in, he gives him a room to himself and shows him the room West calls his own. Everything is great until West invites Klin’s family, mother and brothers, to visit. Mom doesn’t show up but brothers do.

What lost it a little for me was the brothers. Klin’s two brothers come to visit and they are chaos and childish. Honestly, as I was reading I kept thinking they were in junior high. I knew it wasn’t possible because there was talk of having jobs and such but they are so immature in everything; the way they talk, act, take no care of other people or their things. They are the ones who are desperate to get into West’s locked room and see what’s what. They trash everything they put their hands on, so it’s not a good sign.
When that door is opened I knew exactly what was going on with West, though Klin doesn’t. The boys bring up Bluebeard repeatedly and there’s some outside evidence of something fishy. The writing is a little rambling at times but it didn’t distract me from what was going on. I loved the reason for the locked room and I liked the story.



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