Review: Renae Kaye – Yes, Professor

51z8BpLOnTLAuthor: Renae Kaye
Reviewer: Wendy
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


Twenty-two-year-old Avery Stewart has a crush on his neighbour. Always attracted to older men, Avery is tantalised by Mr Redding’s professorial looks and obvious obsession with perfection.

When he finally gets the courage to speak to Christopher Redding, Avery manages to get invited back that evening on the pretext of bringing a cake for Christopher’s birthday. But things don’t work out how Avery had planned, and he finds himself sent home with the cake and without any intimacy.

Christopher is everything Avery has ever desired—older, self-assured, dominant, and intelligent. Avery needs someone in his life to take charge—in and out of the bedroom. He wants Christopher to be that man. However, Avery must first convince Christopher to take a chance on him.


It took a while, but once this book settled in, it really grew on me. It can take some convincing for a May/December romance to come off as believable, and this one started on shaky ground not only due to the significant age gap (more than double), but also because Avery’s actions were a little more than stalkerish in nature and Christopher seemed cold and hard to get to know.

Somewhere along the way, however, something clicked into place and this became almost… adorable. There was plenty of humor in Avery’s crazy pursuit of Christopher and once I understood the significance of the cake hunt, my inner romantic went all mushy.

I suspect this may be one of those books that causes divided emotions, but after giving it a chance, you might find the hidden appeal just like me!



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