Review: Rick R Reed – Sluggo Snares a Vampire

51---8c9Y2LAuthor: Rick R Reed
Reviewer: Rich
Publisher: JMS Books
Genre: M/M Dark Fantasy

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

When Sluggo cruises online chat rooms, he isn’t looking for a hook-up; he’s looking for love. But love has a way of being elusive, especially when you’re not being honest. Presenting himself as “Sir Raven,” Sluggo promises his chat room cohorts he’s the “master of the night.”

And then he meets someone who challenges him — someone who claims the title “master of the night” as his own. TepesAllure’s enigmatic and flirtatious messages to Sluggo start out as fun banter, but quickly turn to eerie disquiet.

As the night unfolds, so do the advances of TepesAllure … and even when Sluggo tries to escape, he finds that getting out is not nearly as easy as getting in.

NOTE: This story appears in the author’s collection, Unhinged.

This author has done some amazing work and once again with a short story he leaves you wanting more. It takes a special person to be able to captivate you with a short novella and make you want to know more. He has done this and so much more.
While a 19 page short story and a fun read, I wished this were longer.

It is a hoot! Somewhat in the “be careful what you wish for” vein, the author’s imagination runs wild. Sluggo in desperate need of a life, gets far more than he bargained for with “his” vampire. I am not going to give away the ending. It is much too good to spoil.
There is a lot packed into these 19 pages. Hiding behind an on-line persona can have consequences, even with the best intentions. With that said, be careful when inviting a professed vampire into your cyber life.

This is not your happy ever ending book , but the author does keep it real and to the point.


JMS Books 

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