Review: Robert Winter – Lying Eyes

Author: Robert Winter
Reviewer: Natalie
Publisher: Robert Winter Books
Genre: MM BDSM

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Summary: This bartender’s art lies in more than mixing drinks …

Randy Vaughan is a six-foot-three mass of mysteries to his customers and his friends. Why does a former Secret Service agent now own Mata Hari, a successful piano bar? Where did a muscle daddy get his passion for collecting fine art? If he’s as much a loner as his friends believe, why does he crave weekly sessions at an exclusive leather club?

Randy’s carefully private life unravels when Jack Fraser, a handsome art historian from England, walks into his bar, anxious to get his hands on a painting Randy owns. The desperation Randy glimpses in whiskey-colored eyes draws him in, as does the desire to submit that he senses beneath Jack’s elegant, driven exterior.

While wrestling with his attraction to Jack, Randy has to deal with a homeless teenager, a break-in at Mata Hari, and Jack’s relentless pursuit of the painting called Sunrise. It becomes clear someone’s lying to Randy. Unless he can figure out who and why, he may miss his chance at the love he’s dreamed about in the hidden places of his heart.

Note: Lying Eyes is a standalone gay romance novel with consensual bondage and a strong happy ending. It contains potential spoilers for Robert Winter’s prior novel, Every Breath You Take.

Review: Every book gets better

The first two books from Robert were excellent but this one is just that much better. Randy is my favorite character so far (although the cover model does little justice to the visual I had while reading. Jesse Jackman, just sayin’). I love a bear anyway and Randy epitomized the look and personality I imagine when I think of bears. This was so intriguing, with Randy’s multifaceted character: piano bar owner, ex-Secret Service agent, artist, and protector. Jack was unusual too, becoming an art curator after leaving his limited life in a country village. He was so clueless over the reasons for Randy’s anger, yet insightful about his personality traits, making it hard to reconcile his character at times. His history, as a naive country boy, lifted right into the more rarified air of art, wealth and museum politics, helped me make sense of it.
The mystery was outstanding, keeping me utterly puzzled right until the reveal. Then, the added leather kink and mild BDSM and the story was like catnip for me! Only a couple of sex scenes but holy shnikes, they were hot. Some bondage was the most extreme act, if anyone’s concerned. The smooth pacing and polished writing, made it easy to get carried along in the action. This is an easy recommendation, even more so if you’re a romantic mystery and/or suspense maven.



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