Review: Rowan McBride – Ethan (True #1)

Author: Rowan McBride
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: Paranormal

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


Ethan is a shapeshifter whose life force is rooted in the ability to love. When he is cast aside by his mate of six years, he has one cycle of the moon to find a new one. If he does, he is reborn. If he doesn’t…

He dies.

Brendan isn’t going to let him die.

Note: This story was previously published under the title “Tales of the Novahn: True.”


It’s amazing that the author was able to build such a strong character and romance in so few pages—only 37 pages to this story about Ethan, a Novahn shapeshifter, who is cast off by his mate, Jeff, after six years together. He’d thought he’d be with Jeff for life. Granted, he wasn’t his true mate, but it felt as if he were very close to it, and Ethan didn’t think he’d ever find another.

When Jeff told him it was over, in true Novahn tradition, Ethan left with only the clothes on his back. He then had only until the next full moon to find another mate or he’d die. Fortunately, his best friend doesn’t want to see him fail and as he’s lying on the rooftop of her house waiting for his death, a young man named Brandon comes to find him. Brandon is Jeff’s brother and met Ethan five years before. Apparently as soon as he met Ethan he felt a spark of something intense, but he hadn’t reached his maturity at that point, so Ethan didn’t recognize it, and Brendan was also tongue-tied and clumsy so Ethan didn’t really get a good impression at that time.

Now, though, it’s pretty evident from the moment Brendan touches Ethan and carries the weak man down to the ground level, where they take a cab to Brendan’s hotel, that there’s more than just a spark between them. The sex is hot and heavy and the tenderness equally appealing. This is a really great story and I wish it had been a lot longer. I’m definitely looking forward to more in this series, whether it’s about Ethan or other Novahns. The world-building was quite good for the brevity of the story but I’m sure there’s much more to learn.

I definitely recommend this to lovers of paranormal shifter stories.


Loose ID 

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