Review: Ruby Moone – Fallen

fallenAuthor: : Ruby Moone
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: JMS Books
Genre: MM Historical

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: Major Oliver Thornley never expected to see the man who saved his life at the battle of Waterloo again. He certainly never expected to fall over him in the street. When Thornley stumbles over a pile of rags, he is horrified to discover it is the man who dragged him from the battlefield to safety.

Taking the man back to his Mayfair home, Thornley nurses Daniel back to health as he battles with his own forbidden desires. Then he learns Daniel shares his feelings, as well. Though it feels so right when they are in each other’s arms, Thornley knows their mutual secret could see them hang.

Is there a way for them to be together despite the class difference that separates them? Can he admit he’s fallen in love before Daniel leaves for good?
Review: “He’d been suffocating. Sinking. Dying. Then a voice penetrated from the blackness, a voice hoarse from shouting…” Corporal Daniel Simpson had served with Major Oliver Thornley in Belgium and ended up saving Oliver’s life. They lost touch after the war, as tended to happen back then, and it is with extreme dismay that Oliver finds Daniel actually in a gutter, gaunt, bruised and sick.
Oliver is a good person and would have saved whoever that had been, but being his friend, Daniel, was heart wrenching for him. He brings Daniel home, where he is nursed back to health by Oliver and his household. He and Oliver resume their friendship tentatively, because Daniel wants to get out, find work and lodging and Oliver, well, Oliver wants to never let Daniel go again. Daniel’s nightmares are heartbreaking and the first indication of what he really feels.
The fact that this is historical means they run the risk of imprisonment or death for what they feel. Oliver, who was beaten and shamed by his father for wanting to love men, carries those scars with him. I loved that the “stronger” of the two, Major Oliver, is the one that has to be reassured that he is not dirty, filthy or worthy of contempt for what he feels. I loved that scene so much.
I also loved the double meaning of the title. Fallen (in love) and fallen (from status). I could have used more of what happened to them in the war because at one point I thought they were just soldier who saved his superior, but later it seems they had been friends.
I’d highly recommend this for historical and romantic lovers. It’s not super fluffy but no undue angst either. It’s just a story of two men trying to find their way.



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