Review: Ruby Moone- The Christmas Curse

Author: Ruby Moone
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: JMS Books
Genre: Mm Historical

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: It’s almost Christmas 1806, and government agent Jared Templeton finds himself adopted by a beautiful stray dog as he walks his customary route each night to his Mayfair home. Having never owned a dog before, Jared is surprised to find himself talking to the beast. It’s wonderfully easy and lifts some of the heavy burdens he carries.

Eventually Jared confides in the dog, not only secrets about his work as an agent, but also the biggest secret about himself. About his innermost desires and needs, safe in the knowledge his companion will never betray him.

But at the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve, Jared discovers things are not quite what they seem

Review: I have to admit that Ruby Moone has quickly become a favorite of mine – she writes historicals like nobody’s business. This one adds a bit of paranormal into holiday mix and it was so sweet.

Jared is a loner by inclination and his job as a government agent serves this well. If he is sometimes lonely, he’s okay with that but it would be nice to have someone to talk to. When a dog starts meeting him at Picadilly and escorting him home from work, it seems like the ideal thing. He can tell this dog everything. When said dog decides to take up residence with Jared, all his secrets become the dogs. You know where this is going and it was as interesting as I hoped.

Something I did like, even as it sort of left me hanging, is that their togetherness, in a time when it was extremely dangerous, wasn’t wrapped up in a nice neat bow. “How the hell are we going to do this? Jared said, pulling back to look into his eyes. Wesley’s lips quirked in a smil.e It was a wicked, inviting, seductive smile. “I have no idea.”

This is a short story, just 25 pages, but it worked on so many levels for me I didn’t feel I missed anything.



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