Review: S.A. Collins – Angels of Mercy, Volume Two, Marco: The Fall of the Sforzas

25224340Author: S.A. Collins
Reviewer: Asabat
Publisher: Self Publish
Genre: M/M Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★★ 

“Elliot Donahey is the love of my life.”

Those words become a lightning rod for Marco Sforza, the man who seemed to have it all – looks, charm, money, a certain degree of local fame as the star quarterback of Mercy High – but when his teammates beat his boyfriend to the brink of death, Marco will have to learn what “standing by your man” truly means.

Angels of Mercy – Volume Two: Marco, picks up the timeline from the climatic ending of Volume One. How will these boys cope with Elliot’s recuperation as well as find a way to bring justice for the heinous crime committed against him? Deception, lies and intrigue begin to thread their way into the boys lives as they struggle to just hold onto one another. All is not quite what it seems as we reach yet another climatic ending that will turn their whole world upside-down. The hate crime Elliot suffered was just the beginning of their woes. Is Marco and Elliot’s love for one another strong enough to see them through? Read Angels of Mercy – Volume Two: Marco to find out.
I thoroughly enjoy any novelist with a unique literary style, and the courage to break the rules of fiction writing: SA Collins is such an author. A copy of Collins’ latest, Angels of Mercy, Volume Two, Marco: The Fall of the Sforzas was loaded into the new Kindle my spouse gave me for Christmas.

I thoroughly enjoyed Collins’ Angels of Mercy, Volume One, Elliot,” and equally loved Volume Two, Marco. As in Shakespeare’s soliloquies, Collins skillfully utilizes first-person dramatic monologues and pitch-perfect dialogues that will hook you and keep you turning the pages; and mind you, Marco is a novel of Irving-ian proportions.

Main character Marco Sforza is the BF of any gay man’s wet dreams: good-looking, sexy, athletic, amiable, smart, of the manor born, but down to earth. Collins’ storytelling is rich and engaging, largely due to the MC’s speaking directly to the reader. Volume Two, Marco did not have me pulling out my hair from an over-abundance of angst-ridden, hand-wringing scenes.

Without adding spoilers, Mercy High’s football star Marco begins his greatest struggle to keep his gay card after his boyfriend Elliot is severely beaten by Marco’s football teammates. As Marco and Elliot’s relationship is turned on its ear and duly tested, I found myself hoping they would survive the struggle — sometimes smiling, sometimes reaching into the tissue box, sometimes wanting to hurl my new Kindle across the room. It’s a realistic and gripping coming-of-age gay tale that I highly recommend. The ending tells me there will be an Angels of Mercy Volume Three. I’m looking forward to reading it.

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  1. Thanks so much for this! Lovely, lovely thing to see. The companion book to this volume will be out in a few weeks (wrapping up edits on it now). So you’ll get both boys POVs on the same timeline. Thanks again for the lovely review.

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