Review: Sam Argent – Witches for Hire (Odd Jobs #1)

41znccNixeLAuthor: Sam Argent
Reviewer: Diane
Publisher: DSP Publications
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


All recovering drug addict and witch Jeremy Ragsdale wants is to shamble on to the next job without any disasters. Instead, the temp agency saddles him with a fellow witch who hates him, an Amazon one violent outburst away from deportation, and a knight from another world as his boss. Even worse, their jack-of-all-trades magic business stumbles upon a conspiracy to kill Desmond the Great, Atlanta’s sexy star magician. Jeremy must prevent it without letting his colleagues know that he not only has ties to the energy vampires behind the plot, but that his past misdeeds might have instigated the attacks.

Despite Jeremy sporting a suit and tie like a good witch, his lies snowball to bite him in the ass. The lack of trust brewing between him and his teammates could cost Desmond his life and Jeremy his progress on the straight and narrow path if his secrets are revealed. Because no matter how much Jeremy has reformed, there’s still enough bad witch in him to kill anyone who messes with him or the people he cares about.


Jeremy is a strong witch with a dark and secret past, that includes drug use in his teens, however, he has plenty of arrogance and snark to cover that he carries a great deal of secrets, some of them not his to tell, even if he wanted to. He works at Witches for Hire, a motley group made up of him, a fellow witch who is mated to a werewolf and hates Jeremy, an Amazon who is unfortunately one report away from deportation and their new boss, a knight who simply wants to get his green card! For the first in the series, they have stumbled on a possible resurgence of energy vampires who may be after Desmond the Great, and that the entire case may be connected to Jeremy’s past!

The story is told from multiple points of view – from the characters Jeremy, Clive, Edarra and Simone, with one section told from the Council member Salvatore.

I’ll be honest, at first I was taken off guard with all the changing of points of view! I kept reading though, and as I got to the end, realized it was necessary, in a way, to really introduce the characters and their motivations and observations as opposed to someone else’s perceptions of them. Perhaps that is a set up for the balance of the series that may focus on the other characters as I’m sure they would have some interesting stories to tell!

The next challenge is how to do a review without spoilers! While this story is listed as fantasy, it is also somewhat of a thriller so it’s hard to tell you about it and not give anything away! I will say that the characters and world building is done in a way that seems like the reader should already know things, which you don’t, but as you keep reading, items are revealed and then early parts of the story make even more sense. The interesting thing about this is that the author has done it in such a way that it does not disturb the flow or pace of the book!

The characters are something else, there are times you want to like Jeremy and times you want to throttle him! Simone is a strong witch with secrets in her own right, which makes you wonder if that is why Jeremy makes her so mad! Edarra is an Amazon who is definitely a warrior, but she does have keen observations of people. Clive is their knight and boss, who wants to do the right thing and make in this new world on his own. The ones you are not entirely sure of, the Witches Council (of course), to some degree, Desmond, and for me, even Mai and Raj, former knights that Clive calls friends, but I think they have some secrets too!

Readers should also know that there is a lot of sex in this book, and interestingly, it is not initially about characters are in lust and go for it, but as the story develops, the full relationship also unfolds and when everything is brought together, well, there are lots of twists and turns that do make it difficult to put the book down since you think things are going one way and well, they don’t!

I would recommend this for fantasy fans who like their stories to include multiple characters, sex and then romance as this is not a traditionally romance!

Now, to tell you about the story is another challenge since I don’t like to give away too much!


DSP Publications 

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