Review: Schuyler L’Roux – There’s Something About A Kilt

28684434Author: Schuyler L’Roux
Reviewer: SheReadsAlot
Publisher: NineStar Press
Genre: M/M Contemporaru
ISBN: 9781911153306

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

It’s a hellaciously hot day in Minneapolis and all Thom wants to do is enjoy his ice cream and forget about the stacks of essays waiting for him back in his stifling apartment. Until he meets Gerry, a kilted, tattooed Welshman. The conversation is smooth and the attraction immediate, but Gerry is only in town for the night and isn’t down for anything quick and forgettable. When they meet again, hours later, Gerry knows there’s something in the air and all bets are off. Including his kilt
Porn with a little plot. ;P
“Like what you see?”
“Fuck yes.”
“Then show me what I’m going to fuck.”
That runs…hot.

New author Schuyler L’Roux brings the heat in his debut erotic short story featuring an ginger haired Welshman in a kilt in “There’s Something About a Kilt” who is a total wish fulfillment for a writer just enjoying his ice cream on hot summer’s day. Set in Minneapolis, Thom is sitting there sweating but enjoying his sweet treat when a tall, tatted, buzz cut red haired guy in a kilt comes up and flirts. But doesn’t get his number because Gerry, the ginger Welshman, is looking for something serious.

I don’t think Gerry got the memo about the stories premise or that it’s basically PWP. But the story gets there fairly quick in a hot one nightstand. You can tell buy the main characters’ names, Thom and Gerry, the author has a sense of humor. And this story will be enjoyed most if you have a sense of fun in mind. The story stretched reality here and there, but overall, it is sex filled fun.

The dialogue before the boner jams was overall solid. There were parts that I had to reread a few times because the characters would seem to either speed up in conversation or change the topic without giving this reader a heads up.

It ends with a possibly HFN, there is definitely more that could be told from this world the author created, hopefully maybe something a little concrete betwixt Thom and Gerry. And I really dug the secondary character Abram’s short spot in this book. I like people who don’t BS around and get straight to the point. Maybe he could have his own spinoff story?

If you’re in the mood for contemporary kilts, hot smexing and want something to escape read rather than sink your teeth in, I’d say give this one a try.

I would totally read something else from this author. 😉

A copy provided for an honest review.



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