Review: Sean Michael: Fairytale Shifters: Beauty and the Beast

beautyAuthor: Sean Michael
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Sean Michael
Genre: MM Paranormal, Shifters
ISBN: 9781988028262

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Summary: As a rhino shifter, Tromp knows that he’s not the sexiest beast in the world. In fact he’s clumsy and he can’t see very well, and that’s whether he’s in his human or animal form. Still, he enjoys going to the bar and watching the other shifters hooking up, especially the dancers. Then he sees a slinky kitty dancing on the little stage and he’s immediately smitten. He knows a sexy beauty like that would never go for him, but he’s happy just to watch and fantasize about what could be.

For his part, panther shifter Pepper might be gorgeous on the outside, but he knows most people see him as nothing more than a piece of meat and he’s had a hard past. There’s something in the way the big rhino shifter looks at him while he dances, though, that makes him feel special. So when his stint on the stage is over, he heads right to the rhino’s table.

Can Tromp and Pepper ignore the world’s expectations and find what they need in each other?
Review: I loved the idea of Tromp, the rhino shifter. He’s got poor vision in both forms, he’s a little clumsy and uncool and he’s sweet and kind. And a vegetarian, yes! When Tromp goes out, he’s very self-deprecating – he wants to see the beautiful people dance (something he isn’t good at) and he wants to have a beer. When he sees the beautiful Pepper go onstage to dance, Tromp is immediately smitten.
Pepper is a black panther shifter (with an albino sister named Salt!) and he’s had a rough past. He is beautiful, and in his words, pointy. The two hit it off with a bit of an interruption in the form of a really nasty crocodile.
The story is a fairy tale, after all, so the insta-love was okay by me. It’s a very cute premise that consists mostly of sex but I thought it was a fluffy chaser between longer books.


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