Review: Shae Connor – Falling Together

Author: Shae Connor
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Mm Holiday

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: Mitch Jackson took a temporary job wrapping gifts at a Manhattan department store so he’d have some extra cash during the holiday season. He didn’t expect to get a bonus in the form of Austin Payne. Austin starts out as just another customer, though a particularly good-looking one, until he asks Mitch to dinner. Their whirlwind romance, touched by the magic of New York in December, soon grows from what could have been only a fling into something more—something like falling in love.

Review: Mitch is working as a gift wrapper over the holidays to earn some extra money. While working he comes face to face with the “…brightest, clearest, richest blue eyes he’d ever seen.” Attached, of course, to a beautiful man, Austin, who has an emergency wrapping job for a friend. He gets a minute to ogle and then man is gone, only to reappear the following weekend, dreaded Black Friday, with another gift to wrap. While both are the same age, they have a big gap in money. “You’re dating outside your price range.” That can be a big issue.

The guys decide to wait a bit on the physical but they move pretty fast on the emotional. It’s not insta-love, but sort of insta-meet-the-parents. When Mitch gets all paranoid, “Why can’t I meet the family? Is there something wrong with me?” I wanted to shout, “NO! Nothing’s wrong with you but you’ve known this guy a week!”

It’s a lovely little holiday story, fluffy, angst free and easy. And those guys aren’t able to wait all that long for the physical so you get some smexy times.

Okay, my favorite quote from this: “That thought gave Mitch a mental image of Austin in a little white dress with a little white cap on his head, and oh God, he was going to lose it.” That made me laugh, smile and then laugh again. Mitch, you are so over your head.



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