Review: Shawn Lane – Just His (His #10)

51SkMO1RiNLAuthor: Shawn Lane
Reviewer: Toni
Publisher: JMS Books
Genre: Contemporary
[xrr rating= 3.5/5]


After his boss at the hospital suggests he take a sabbatical for a much-needed rest, neurologist Geoff Spencer ends up at his friend’s cabin in Big Bear, California. But to Geoff’s surprise, his former lover is also there — his friend’s brother, the beautiful Adrian Michels, a brooding artist and a “commitment-phobe” who broke Geoff’s heart years earlier before leaving unexpectedly for Europe.

Now, Adrian suggests a no-strings affair while Geoff is with him in Big Bear. Although torn, Geoff eventually agrees. But what he really wants is for Adrian to be his—Just His—for eternity.


Just His is told from two points of view: Geoffrey Spencer, a Neurosurgeon who’s hit his wall, and Adrian Michels, the one person he never expected to see again.
Adrian is the brother of his best friend Jezibel, who offered the good doctor the use of the family cabin while he’s on sabbatical. This leaves Geoffrey in a quandary; should he stay, or should he go? There’s a history with Adrian that could cause things to be uncomfortable to say the least. At one time they were in a relationship, but Adrian ran.
Now the pair have to decide, do they just go on living in the same cabin as two people, or do they rekindle the romance?
This was a quick read. The premise was interesting in that Geoffrey was a neurosurgeon and I was looking forward to hearing more about his work. Unfortunately, there was not a lot about his background and hospital involvement. Adrian was a tortured artist. I understand that this is a short story, but there is so much more to explore than the word count allows. It left me a bit unsatisfied. I felt let down by the lack of possible build-up to the climax of the story and it was predictable. Geoffrey and Adrian have a past that was only touched on and not expanded to provide more detail on their friction.

I would recommend this story to anyone looking for a fluffy, HEA story.


JMS Books

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