Review: Sterling Rivers – Graham Ran Over a Reindeer

grahamAuthor: Sterling Rivers
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Amazon
Genre: MM Paranormal

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Summary: Rudy Snowden has been pining for Graham Miller since they were teenagers, but being a shape-shifter and in love with a human isn’t easy. After years of dancing around each other, Rudy decides to take the big leap and ask the guy on a date.

Truck driver Graham Miller is glad to be home for Christmas in Alaska. Road weary and suffering from the holiday blues, Rudy Snowden is the perfect pick me up—if Graham can summon the courage to ask him out. While picking up a Christmas tree from Rudy, Graham is unable to find the words, and leaves without the man he’s wanted for so long. Lost in a snowstorm sprinkled with misery, Graham hits a caribou—could his day get any worse? He rushes the animal to the Snowden vet clinic, where he quickly learns things can always get… stranger. The creature he nearly killed isn’t just any animal, and the Snowdens aren’t a normal family. With his secret finally revealed, Rudy makes his move. But can Graham accept Rudy’s inhuman nature and be the life-mate he wants?
Review: Graham is a truck driver, on the road a lot and ready to be back home in Alaska. The best thing about being home? Rudy Snowden, the man he’s wanted for ages. He doesn’t realize Rudy feels the same and so the two sort of dance around each other. When Graham accidentally hits a caribou, he’s in a panic and rushes it to the vet, who happens to be Rudy’s gramps. That’s where all the interesting stuff (poor Graham) starts because guess who the caribou really is?
It sounds strange but one thing I really liked about this story is that when Rudy wakes up after being hit by the truck, he trashes the vet’s office. Because come on, you wake up like that, you are going to be out of control for a minute until that human side takes back over!
There’s not much conflict here, one sort of spat about it and Graham is pretty much on board .

There are numerous editing errors, which were distracting, but the story is easy and cute for a quick holiday read.



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