Review: Sue Brown – Hissed as a Newt (With a Kick #2)

hissedAuthor: Sue Brown
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Sue Brown Stories
Genre: MM Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: “All guys do emotional just in different ways. I eat ice-cream, you get drunk in the gutter…”

A drunk clown rolling around in the gutter is not what David Wright expects to find as he walks to With A Kick, his favourite ice-cream shop. David has had a lousy day. A literary agent has crushed his dreams and all he wants is the consolation of alcoholic ice-cream. He’s about to walk away when he realises the clown has been dumped by his boyfriend. On a whim, David takes the clown into With A Kick before he gets arrested. Underneath the smeared make-up, he meets Stan, who has just found his boyfriend and best friend getting more than friendly. Over ice-cream, David and Stan discuss their problems and discover maybe they can help each other.

Review: I like the stories built around With a Kick, ice cream for adults. In this one we get the story of David and Stan. Stan is having a very, very bad day. He’s in a clown suit, drunk and rolling in the gutter after finding his best friend screwing his boyfriend. Who does that!

David, off to get some ice cream, finds him and brings him out. As the two of them begin the journey to make each other happy they have to deal with Greg, the douche ex, and Matt, the incredible betrayer of a former best friend. David, for his part, is sweet and lovely.

I appreciated Stan’s viewpoint on the cheating. While Greg was an idiot, Matt’s part was much more heinous. They had been best friends forever, and there wasn’t even a good reason. No falling in love, no drunken night, nothing. Just hurt Stan and figure he won’t ever know. Idiots.

I have to say, I did laugh at parts, especially when Stan is talking to David’s dick. “Bastard dick even responded to baby language.” I could picture it and it made me snort. And the ice cream flavors? Don’t get me started, I SO want to go there.

They fall pretty quickly, but it’s With a Kick. That’s okay.

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