Review: Susan Laine – Stealing Dragon’s Heart (Lifting the Veil)

28855735Author: Susan Laine
Reviewer: Vivian
Publisher: DreamSpinner Press
Genre: M/M Fantasy
ISBN: 9781634769723

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

A Lifting the Veil Story

Notorious master thief Finn Grayson is hired to break into a high-class skyscraper in New Shanghai and steal a priceless artifact known as the Shard. But someone’s gotten to the Shard first—and the penthouse suite turns out to be a dragon’s lair.

Cameron Feilong, Guardian of the Earth Shard, is ancient enough to realize that he and his unbidden guest are being used like puppets on a string. Forming a shaky alliance is the only way for them to survive and to stop their ruthless foes.

Unfortunately, Finn and Cam seem to be forever one step behind. To learn more about their clandestine enemy, they travel together from walled Asian cities, barren tundras, and underwater temples to secret paranormal clubs and legendary elvish cities rising high in the trees or buried deep under glaciers. Finn and Cam must learn to trust each other before it’s too late, for bringing together the five Elemental Shards will spell the end of the world.
This is not the dragon I want. *sigh*

Clunky action scenes, that slowed down the action were disappointing. Zip lining to a skyscraper I want to feel the wind and not have long drawn out sentences that discuss handling the security. The action is interrupted by commentary that pulls one out and slows it down. The descriptions of new areas are intrusive to the story telling. Essentially, a stop and let me tell you about what you are seeing. Very staged.

First person point of view is less successful here. I found the confidential asides given to be particularly distracting. And way too many explanations about what’s happening when just telling the story would suffice. I suspect this story could be much shorter if they were eliminated and nothing would be lost.

Not buying the argument that a single night job cuts into his bang time at nightclubs and that’s why he’s horny around the dragon. Really? A thief pulling in the kind of money he does for a job is happy to give up sex for a while to plan because there’ll be plenty of relaxing after. The jump in focus for Finn is rather incredulous. Apparently, whenever Cam touches Finn he gets an instant boner *eye roll* Coupled with his immature reactions, especially jealousy was off-putting.

He also suffered from a rather inflated sense of self importance. Finn’s constant mantra of his actions having a determination in the series of cataclysmic events occurring is ridiculous. So, for a grown man he’s terribly immature.

And a villain that approaches mustache twirling in his entrance scene. At some point it felt like I was reading a cartoon. This led to me pulling the pull at 40% and tagging it DNF.

Overall, I liked the story line more than the story telling which drove me away.

In fact, I was persona non grata for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was my habit of acquiring unique and priceless artifacts—that happened to belong to other people.




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