Review: T.A. Creech – General (Theosophi #3)

Author: T.A. Creech
Reviewer: Ashley
Publisher: JMS Books
Genre: Fantasy

Rating: ★★★★½ 


Sequel to Herald

Adam Thomas has always known the angels invading his home were going to liven up his life in all sorts of ways. But none of them are quite like the archangel who’s been comatose in Adam’s bed for months. It almost feels as if Adam is losing his mind, pining for Michael. Then Michael wakes up, and all hell breaks loose.

The moment Michael opens his eyes, restored and ready to fight, he sees Adam for the first time. The human cared for him, and Michael knows without a doubt that Adam is his.

It turns out to be surprisingly easy to convince Adam of this fact, and Michael is absolutely enamored with his human.

But when a threat comes into Michael’s new home, what lengths will he have to go to in an effort to keep his mate safe?


This is an absolutely amazing series that I feel doesn’t get the love it deserves, and this book was no exception. The unique world and amazing characters combine to make a great story. Coming in directly after Herald ended, this book is the story of Adam and Michael. These two had great chemistry and I enjoyed watching the leader of the “angels” learn about the realities of earth. Also, it was good to get to know the real Michael, who was surprisingly different from what I was expecting based on how the others had described him. I expected him to know more about the world and why the three of them had fallen to earth, and I also expected him to be more commanding. All in all, though, I did like him and obviously I enjoyed his and Adam’s relationship. And Adam was so sweet! I liked him in the previous books, but it wasn’t clear in them how anxious he was and how much his past service still haunted him. Watching him work through his problems, with the help of Michael, was very well handled.

I enjoyed the plot of this book, especially seeing how “demons” and humans interact. To this point we’d only seen the adaphat on their own, so it was interesting to get a new perspective on the threat they pose to humanity. It was also great to catch up with the other characters, especially Castiel and Jason, though it was sad to see that Gabriel hadn’t accepted his stay on earth as well as I’d hoped. By the end of Herald it was clear that Gabriel was still unhappy to be back on earth, but I had thought it was something he’d come to terms with. But it was clear in this book that he hadn’t so much accepted his fate as he was biding his time to get an answer he liked better. When Michael couldn’t provide that answer, it was heartbreaking to see Gabriel break down. But in the end, it did help to show how Michael had earned the respect of the other angels. I WAS a little disappointed that we weren’t given any answers to why the angels fell to earth. I thought for sure Michael would at least have guesses or theories, but he didn’t know any more than the others. I’m a little worried we won’t get answers at all, but the last book is coming out soon and I look forward to finding out!

This is a great series, to which General was a great addition. There were a few things I found disappointing, but they didn’t out way the good in this book. The interesting world building, organic character interactions, and great romance made this a book I would absolutely recommend. Don’t miss out on this series!


JMS Books

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