Review: T.J. Land – Good as Gold: A Villainous Love Story

51dG5xZFS5LAuthor: T.J. Land
Reviewer: Sandra
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: SciFi

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 


Being the most powerful superhero in the world can get lonely.

Ask the Golden Ranger. He’s still struggling to make friends after landing on Earth two years ago, even now that he’s become a member of the Remarkables. Humans are just so complicated, with their odd aversion to public nudity, their obsession with sex, and their temperamental genitals.

Thank goodness for his villains. Sure, they’re crooks and it’s his job to thwart them, but at least they offer him a chance for social interaction. And they’re all pretty cool, as villains go. Henry X has a gun that can fire anything from exploding bullets to robot bees, and he’s also got these incredible biceps and warm brown eyes – not that the Golden Ranger cares about stuff like that. Light Brigade can create holograms, plus he’s handsome and snarky and covered in tattoos – again, not that the Golden Ranger cares. The Sash can use his clothing as a weapon, which isn’t really fair seeing as how his slinky body would be an effective weapon all by itself. Which isn’t something the Golden Ranger cares about. At all.

It’s possible that the other Remarkables are right when they accuse the Golden Ranger of being a little too intrigued by his rogues gallery. But he thinks they’re just jealous. Even so, when they tell him that Henry X, Light Brigade and the Sash are working for someone who might be a threat to the whole city, the Golden Ranger knows he needs to learn the truth. And what better way to do that than by adopting a civilian disguise and getting to know his villains personally? It’s a brilliant plan. Nothing can go wrong.


Cute, silly, and fun… just what the naively innocent and scantily clad alien superhero ordered! I really enjoyed the first half of the book. Being introduced to our hero and individually all his nemesis. It was fun to try and figure out this world and their unconventional relationships with their supervillains. It did start to drag a bit as we got more into the plot. While I liked the twists and learning more about how the supervillains got their weapons, I didn’t feel like I needed the flashbacks, and did get a little frustrated when they pulled me out of the story.

Given that this is listed as a menage/MMMM, I did expect a lot more ridiculous and over the top sexy times. It’s actually relatively PG-13 rated. The majority of the story consists of them all swooning over each other and thinking about wanting to bang. I hafta admit, I didn’t love the way the romances developed. I wanted it to be a true menage, starting with a couple who then pulled in one extra, and then the other/last man. Instead it was more two pairs who swing openly? I dunno. I believed the feelings between Stu and the Ranger, and Len and the Ranger, and Len and Stu… but Moe was kinda the odd man out.

But it is just as it’s billed. For a silly good time with soft hearted supervillains who steal the heart of their hero, I’d definitely recommend this. There’s no audio for this as far as I can tell, but I think with the right narrator it could be a great book to listen to as well!



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