Review: T.N. Tarrant – Christmas Ain’t So Bad

Author: T.N. Tarrant
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: MLR Press
Genre: Mm

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: Ian Durden hates Christmas, but his boyfriend Max Anderson loves it.

Ian Durden is pretty comfortable in his life. He lives in a not-too-small small town, has a decent, steady job, some good friends, and a boyfriend who’s great except for one thing: Max Anderson absolutely loves Christmas. And Ian hates it. With a passion. This could be a problem…

Review: Max and Ian have been together for a while and they get along great. They are so fun together and they are there for each other. They made me laugh with their banter. “Max adopted a feigned nervous posture, hunched in a little. “Can I trust you to behave? I mean…I’m so handsome and gorgeous, and you’re so very gay…” Or even, “Mama always said a naked man looks kinda funny unless you’re attached to him.” I also greatly appreciated Ian’s honesty sometimes. “Max’s musk was a little stronger than Ian actually liked, but, seriously, what did anyone expect when you’d put in a ten-hour day working in heavy clothes?”

Max lives with roommates, Susan and Robert, and when a Halloween party gone bad ends up with Max losing his place to live, he moves in with Ian. The biggest cause of contention is, as the blurb states, their differing opinions on Christmas. Ian definitely hates it and Max is an uberfan. Living together brings this to a head. When Max brings home a Christmas tree Ian reacts very badly and I felt awful for Max. Even when Ian is trying to apologize, Max’s “You hate Christmas. It’s your house” makes it harder for Ian. But we get to see these guys working on it and I liked how they were there for each other and understanding. It was a sweet holiday addition to my collection.



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