Review: T. Strange – Lock and Key (Boots and Leather #2)

lock and keyAuthor: T.Strange
Reviewer: Victoria
Publisher: Torquere Publishing
Genre: M/M Bdsm
ISBN: 9781610409094

Rating: ★★★★½ 

After meeting Terry at a motorcycle show, Gavin is sure he’s found the man of his dreams. While he’s fantasized about BDSM for years, Gavin has never had a play partner and Terry is happy to teach him. After playing together for a few months, Terry has to leave on a business trip. Terry gives Gavin the key to his apartment so Gavin can sleep in, but Gavin isn’t sure he’s ready for that level of commitment. While he likes and trusts Terry—and loves the kinky sex they have together—Gavin has to decide which he can’t give up: Terry, or his freedom.

Part one was originally published as Boots and Leather by Torquere Press

Lock and Key is the  second book in the Boots and Leather series by T. Strange.
Gavin has fantasized about BDSM for years. He has haunted different motorcycle shows in search of a hot biker who enjoys BDSM. Now he has found Terry, who seems to fulfill everything Gavin has been looking for.

Terry is a biker who spotted Gavin before at different motorcycle shows. He is attracted to Gavin and enjoys teaching all different aspects of BDSM to Gavin. I do wish we were able to get to know Terry a bit better.

The connection between Gavin and Terry is intense. I loved that while Gavin trusts Terry he still uses a safe call to let his best friend know he is ok. I also enjoyed that Gavin, while enthused with everything, still was wary, which made things seem realistic. I enjoyed how patient Terry is through all of this. The sex scenes were scorching hot.

I found this book well written with an interesting plot. The main characters and the secondary characters were absorbing. At 53 pages, this book had a well-defined beginning, middle and ending. The ending was a bit predictable but that was expected considering the length of the story. I had a hard time putting this book down. Overall, this was a very captivating book and I hope to see these characters again in the future.


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