Review: Tanya Chris – Aftercare

Author: Tanya Chris
Reviewer: Wendy
Publisher: Self-pub
Genre: BDSM

Rating: ★★★½☆ 


Aayan Denir knows Garrett Hillier was once a high-powered defense attorney, and—thanks to a leaked photograph—he knows Garrett is sexually submissive, which makes him ideally qualified to defend Aayan’s brother from the charge of murdering his sub. Aayan would do anything to protect Syed, even if he doesn’t understand how Syed could hurt someone he loves. He could never hurt Garrett. He only wants to take care of him—love him, serve him, cherish him. And maybe torture him. Just a little.

Garrett probably shouldn’t be dating his client’s brother. Right? And what’s the use in a confirmed sub dating a guy who doesn’t want to be a Dom anyway? The important thing is to get Syed cleared of the discriminatory murder charge he’s facing. Aayan is a distraction. But for the first time in the three lonely years since Garrett’s husband died, he’s feeling hope, ambition, and desire. Can he give up the pain he craves to find the love he needs?

As Syed’s trial date looms, Aayan and Garrett explore what a BDSM relationship means for them, and what they mean to each other.

Aftercare is a M/M BDSM contemporary romance about Aayan, a Muslim immigrant who’s not sure he can play the Dom role, and Garrett, a submissive attorney who walked away from his life when his husband died. 64,000 words.


The best thing about this story has everything to do with the characters; the fact that Aayan and Garrett are a little older, have different nationalities, and have different belief systems (largely due to faith) make this a unique read. And it’s not solely the main characters who are worthy of calling out – the secondary characters really take shape and add extra depth to the story as well.

I love it when I can learn and broaden my horizons from reading a book. The detailed struggle Aayan faced not only with being gay in a Muslim religion, but also with secretly wanting to inflict a little bit of pain on his lover went counter to everything he believed himself to be and opened my eyes to a different perspective. Aayan didn’t have any trouble being dominant – he was a natural in that regard; however, combining sadism with his dominance when everything in him wanted to cherish and protect his lover is where the primary conflict kept surfacing.

When it came to BDSM, Garrett was very comfortable in his skin and knew what he needed in a Dom/lover. In his professional career, however, his confidence took a nosedive after his husband died and the true nature of their Dom/sub relationship was publicly exposed. Aayan was a much needed breath of fresh air; he became the catalyst that caused Garrett to take on a case that brought back the spark and confidence he was previously lacking, and to also pique both his sexual and submissive nature again after years of dormancy. However, in knowing what he needed, there was still the huge question of whether Aayan could deliver it.

The legal case against Aayan’s brother is the stuff of nightmares, but Garrett was the right choice as a defense lawyer. I was riveted by the details and only wish we could have learned a little more about exactly what happened (enquiring minds and all that!).

For me, this was a great story by a new to me author and I’ll be happy to check out more!



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